Andrew Reynolds and Déjá vu

Cash On Demand Marketer Andrew Reynolds recently talked live on stage about the origins of his Cash on Demand success

“Hi my name’s Andrew Reynolds. I‘m here to talk to you about Cash on Demand. I guess most of you know that by now!

Today is like sort of déjá-vu for me.

Didn’t know I could speak French did you? Well, actually no I don’t really, just a bit of voulez-vous, a bit of oui, some non. Nah… not happening is it?

I do like to visit France though – in fact I regularly holiday there. And in New York… and in Australia… and in the Caribbean… where I have an apartment… as I do in London, and a mansion in Surrey and a… sorry I’m getting ahead of myself… Where was I?

Oh yes… Déjà vu……..”

It seesm that 12 years ago Andrew Reynolds was sat where we were sat that day – in a seminar. Not in London, no these things didn’t exist then in the UK. Andrew Reynolds was in Vegas then, a bright eyed and bushy tailed Brit.

So how come Andrew was all the way over in Vegas? Simple: He was there because he’d come to a realisation. A very stark realisation.

You know that in life, all we want, all anybody wants, the only thing that really matters to us… is to be missed. To feel that when we’re not around, our absence is noticed and people miss us. It was the realisation of this that changed my life.

You see back then before cash on demand, he was Andrew Reynolds the corporate slave, working like a dog to pay the mortgage, pay the bills, fuel the car, hand over a load of cash every month to his ex-wife, busting a gut, simply to exist. A slave to modern life, and his company owner, Hassall Homes, had me jumping through hoops of fire to get from one month to the next.

Andrew had huge credit card debt and like 95% of the UK population work. He was absolutely trapped.

One day, a mate of Andrews, said to him, “Reynolds ask yourself what would happen if you left your company today?”

He said, ”Just imagine you’ve got a bucket of water, you put your fist in it, and when you take it out – the hole that’s left is how much the company are going to miss you. Because they’ve got somebody else in to do your job.”

A cliché, but true – no-one is irreplaceable. They wouldn’t miss me, they didn’t care about Andrew Reynolds. Corporate life isn’t made to miss people, it’s made to use them to generate corporate profits. No more, no less.

That’s when he decided to say farewell to the trapped, financially crippled Andrew Reynolds and accept an invitation to attend the seminar in Las Vegas. That’s when he decided to change his life.

Andrew Reynolds said to me “I can honestly say, 12 years later, with millions of pounds in the bank and over £1million raised for charity including £325,000 for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital raised at one of the Bootcamps, that accepting that invitation to go to the USA was the best thing I ever did.”

It changed Andrew Reynolds life.

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