Andrew Reynolds and Lifestyle Versus Making Money

Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system is more than a money-making machine.

Andrew Reynolds uses this story of a money-printing machine in his Cash on Demand home study course to demonstrate important issues.

Suppose, just for arguments sake that you wanted to make £1,314,000. That was your financial goal. Now, imagine Andrew Reynolds gives you a machine which printed £5 notes. This money was legal and tax free. It was also yours to do with as you please.

Imagine it’s in your garage or garden shed and all you need to do is load the paper, pull a few heavy levers, turn a few knobs and press a few buttons. Out pops a crisp £5 note. That process only takes one minute.

In other words you can produce a £5 note every minute.

Further imagine that you only have this machine for a set time. You don’t know how long you’ve got the machine for, before it’s going to be taken away. With a freedom figure of £1,314,000 you’d need to produce 262,800 £5 notes.

The temptation is to spend every single moment you could at that machine turning out £5 notes. Eventually the pile of money grows into piles of £10,000….which becomes £100,000, which becomes £250,000 and so on.

Eventually you reach your financial freedom figure of £1,314,000. But instead of stopping, you continue churning out £5 notes forgetting there’s a world to be enjoyed, away from the money-making machine.

This story illustrates two things. The first is despite the Cash on Demand system being easy to use only by taking action can anyone hope to reach their financial freedom figure. If they don’t turn that handle, nothing happens.

The second is this…’How much money do you actually need?’

There is no need to work the Cash on Demand system for hours on end. It has the potential to make astonishing amounts of money just by working it a couple of hours a day. The temptation is to work around the clock just to make even more money. Learn the system, apply it and walk away for the rest of the day, enjoy your free-time.

If we spend every waking minute making money there is no time to enjoy life. Every student of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system is encouraged to treat it not so much as a business but a way of achieving the money, the lifestyle and freedom.

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