Andrew Reynolds and the Abundant Techniques for Making Money from DVDs

Andrew Reynolds told me that he gets emails from people about his live events. And they are worried that there will be too many people attending. And Andrew says that they believe that there’s too much competition. Time and again he gets emails saying that if you teach us all to do it, that’s going to reduce the market.

But as Andrew Reynolds explains, for instance there’s a Pat who sells DVDs. Basically he runs a small DVD business from his home. Now this is the thing, Andrew also sells DVDs because they are a great product. You can buy a DVD for about £2 and then maybe sell it for £50. It’s a nice little front-end mark up product. As Andrew explained, it’s not like his dad who had a hardware shop. A customer would come in and maybe only buy a box of screws for a few quid and then only at a tiny mark-up price. With the Cash on Demand business the mark-ups are far more than 33%…

So this Pat and a number of other people in a live event, although they are all selling DVDs, they focus on little niche markets. So, I want to tell you what Andrew Reynolds talks about concerning niche markets. He explains that everybody who attends one of his live seminars could go out there and sell a DVD product and not bump into each other in the marketplace. For instance, as he suggested to me, if you go to, and type in something like, ‘How to DVD’ or, ‘How to Video’, you’ll find so many niche titles you’ll be there for hours.

Let’s just take one example that Andrew mentioned, which is horse riding. He found a DVD on eBay showing you how to ride. That’s a niche market and there’s loads of stuff on how to ride and look after a horse. And if you have ever listened to Andrew Reynolds talking about his Cash on Demand business, people with horses tend to have a few quid and that is important. They’re not in the struggling to make ends meet sector. These guys and the ladies have all got a few quid, so they are potentially good clients for you.

There’s another one that Andrew said he found, on card making. That again is a little niche market. Just look at all the magazines on the shelves in Borders as Andrew Reynolds does, and you will once again find that card making is a popular business. So, a DVD about how to make cards is a winner, even before you have produced and marketed the product. Andrew Reynolds has a son who is a professional drummer. Again that’s a whole niche market. As Andrew said, he didn’t realise this stuff until his son started playing the drums. There are DVDs showing you how to play drums. And believe it or not, there’s also a DVD, ‘How to Tune Your Drums’. And staying in the music niche for a moment, there’s also a DVD, ‘How to Play the Five-String Banjo’.

Another niche group that Andrew Reynolds pointed out to me was Tennis. There’s a whole bunch of people, who tend to have a few quid, who’ll buy DVDs. They like to buy ones that show them how they can do something that they’re interested in, but don’t have any know how on the subject. There’s even one on soap-making. Actually that’s quite a big thing now, with the accent on environment friendly soaps. Then, there’s learning to surf, model railways for instance which is a huge market. Andrew Reynolds mother has a friend who is a model railway enthusiast. And he says that he’s got this huge lay out, a model railway with all the scenery, scaled vehicles and people. A niche market but very popular with lots of products and know how connected to the hobby.

And then Andrew Reynolds also spotted another, which was ‘How to Get Your Hair Right for Your Big Day’. That takes you into the niche market of weddings. Again it’s a big hungry market, but niche. Specific information and products needed for weddings. And there was another, on ‘How to Read Faces’, which again is a niche market. And what about, ‘Painting on Silk’? Loads of people are interested in crafts such as painting on silk and then of course there are all the materials they need as well as the information on learning the skill of the art.

I mean, Andrew just kept coming up with all of these ideas. There was, ‘How to Become a Singer’ and even, ‘How to Build Your Own Poker Table’, is a DVD that’s selling. I think Andrew Reynolds said that DVD was $49. And all it cost to produce was probably about two quid. Another one, that Andrew told me about was all on kitchens and bathrooms, it included details on how to do the plumbing.

Andrew Reynolds also spotted a DVD called, ‘Exotic Strip Dancing’. When Andrew said about that in one of his seminars, he joked that about 1,500 of his students jotted down a note in their notebooks with a little light bulb diagram when he mentioned the exotic strip dancing. It got a laugh. And while we’re thinking of this niche market, there’s of course, belly dancing. That’s very popular.

And the list goes on and I can see from my notes after being at one of his seminars, that he also found, ‘How to Fly a B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber’. There are a load of guys that find this stuff interesting and they buy information on it. In fact, as Andrew explained there’s public domain footage put out by the US Government. You can download this stuff for free and then once you have collated a load, you start selling it to airplane enthusiasts.

This is another DVD for sale, ‘How to Paint Your Tractor’. Not as exciting as the stripper, but obviously still a niche market out there for it.

There’s a whole network of spiritual subjects. Andrew tells me he found DVD’s on ‘Angel Card Reading’. And of course, there’s yoga, and just loads of niche markets in this area. There’s also Tarot and Astrology of course. Let’s face it, you don’t need me to tell you that there are people making serious money from this and there is a strong niche market for information on all of these subjects. Huge market, but definitely a niche market.

And what about, ‘The Key to Starting and Running Your Own Business Blacking out Windows on Cars’ and ‘The DJ’s Guide to Scratching’, which is an area for music lovers.

And there is a DVD, about painting your own car. One for artists I guess, which is of course another niche market. What about those guys that are truckers with the cabins highly decorated with hand painted artwork? You don’t see them so much in the UK but just go over to USA and Australia and you’ll see a load.

Here’s another handful of DVD’s that I have in my notes from listening to Andrew Reynolds talking at a seminar: ‘Indian Cookery’; ‘How to Trim Your Horse’; ‘How to Concrete Your Drive’; ‘How to go Off-Road Driving’; ‘Unique Techniques for Working With Brass Stencils’; ‘Weaving and Braiding Hair’; ‘How to Play Chess’.

In other words, it’s endless. So, just to repeat what I explained Andrew Reynolds said earlier was that there are ENDLESS niche market places. You never have to worry about there being too much competition from the other students that are in the Cash on Demand business.

I mean there’s even ‘How to Make Wooden Rocking-Horses’, and as Andrew joked, another light bulb moment, ‘Models Boot Camp’. They’re selling a DVD showing how to cook the turkey and how to carve it properly.

Andrew Reynolds told us about a technique which I’ll share with you later where you can actually come out with a DVD like that. You can film it and you use free publicity. As Andrew shows in Module no. 6 of Cash on Demand, if you use free publicity you can sell your DVD’s at seminars.

So, as Andrew Reynolds explains there are just absolutely masses of niche markets. And although there are always a lot of people in the room at one of Andrew Reynolds seminars, there are masses of niche markets. Also, at each seminar I have attended, there are loads of coaches that show you techniques for marketing.

As Andrew Reynolds told me, you don’t have to all sell the same thing. And you can apply the techniques shown by the coaches at the live events, and thousands more techniques.

At each seminar Andrew Reynolds makes certain you are taught the techniques…and he has current subscribers to Cash on Demand who have these little websites.

There’s this guy that Andrew told me about, he sent Andrew a link to his website. His website is for couples experiencing infertility. Now, that’s a niche market. This guy is selling an e-book online for couples experiencing infertility.

There’s another customer of Andrew Reynolds who is selling recipes for authentic shish kebab. As Andrew says, that’s niche. And this guy makes a living out of selling these on eBay. The same guy according to Andrew sells magic trick e-books as well. Again he sells those on eBay. Andrew Reynolds said that the guy sells the e-books on magic tricks for about £4. But they came from an old magic book that he paid £4 for in a second hand shop. So, as Andrew said, he’s not out of pocket, as soon as he sold his first one, he’d broken even.

Another gentleman sent Andrew Reynolds the link to his site. He’s just coming out with an e-book that sells online, and his niche market is all about milk. He reveals new discoveries that are questioning whether dairy milk may be the biggest cause of illness in the world today. His sales copy runs with, “Learn the shocking truth and protect your health.’ And Andrew said that when he spoke about this particular product, there was loads of interest from people in the room. As Andrew Reynolds explained, anyone who is health conscious would find this product interesting. So, it’s a little niche market Cash on Demand e-book product.

Andrew Reynolds explained that people are always coming to the workshops, and they’ve taken this stuff onboard. A percentage of people in the room actually do something with it and make a success of it. What Andrew Reynolds is keen to do at every live event, at every seminar is to remove the negativity so that every single person each time will actually go ahead and get their Cash on Demand business up and running. All Andrew Reynolds hopes is that all of his students do something with the information he gives them.

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