Andrew Reynolds and the benefits of having a coach

Andrew Reynolds says “We’ve all got fears. Some more rational than others, but it doesn’t matter if you feel it, it’s real, that’s all that matters to you – that you feel scared. Of course, you don’t like it and you do what you can to make it go away or stop. That’s natural.”

For Andrew Reynolds, ever since he was a kid he’s had this thing about water. Couldn’t stand the stuff, even being near it let alone getting in a pool or in the sea. Absolutely no chance! Andrew Reynolds was petrified of the stuff.

Eventually he bought his nth house with a pool, and kids were on his case and it came to the point where Andrew really had to do something about it. I mean it was all getting a bit much, a bit embarrassing and a bit difficult for him.

So… if you’ll excuse the pun… Andrew Reynolds took the plunge.

He paid a guy to come round and sort him out – to cure his fear and give him the confidence to not only get in the water but to actually swim and enjoy it. And he became Andrew Reynolds swimming mentor, he showed Andrew there was nothing to fear, in fact he showed him how much enjoyment he’d actually been missing out on.

Slowly but very surely Andrew gained confidence. So much so that Reynolds hired him on a weekly basis to come round and continue mentoring him to teach him different strokes and techniques. Now, after two years, and as a direct consequence of his support Andrew Reynolds can swim. Can’t get enough of it.

So what’s Andrew Reynolds hang up with swimming got to do with cash on demand? Just ‘cause Andrew Reynolds used to be a water wuss how’s that going to make me money?

Well the analogy is clear enough I hope.

Andrew Reynolds is fully aware that there are people who read his course, who when it comes to launching their first project will be nothing short of petrified. Creeping around the edge of the pool, afraid of falling in. Non-swimmers – scared witless. ‘I can’t do my website… I don’t know what I’m doing… I’m going to look stupid… I’m going to drown… ALL that kind of stuff.

That’s OK. It’s normal sometimes. YOU can get a coach – a cash on demand mentor OK? No worries.

On the Cash On Demand course Andrew Reynolds teach you the basics – get in the water, swim and have fun.

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