Andrew Reynolds and the Big Income Cash on Demand Products

Looking back on my notes made during an Andrew Reynolds live seminar, reminded me that there are three very important Cash on Demand products.

These are digital products, which are mainly CDs and DVDs. There are paper products, which covers, e-books, books, magazines, courses and newsletters. And thirdly there are the live events like workshops, seminar and bootcamps.

Andrew Reynolds told me, that recently he had a guy who wanted him to do a joint venture. It was some widget. Andrew asked this guy, “Does it match one of those? Is it digital, paper or a live event?” When the guy said no, Andrew told him he wasn’t interested.

As Andrew Reynolds explained, he’s pulled in over 30 million pounds over the last eleven years by just dealing in these three areas. He’s done it without the need for a warehouse or keeping stock. So, why would he want to get into having a huge warehouse stocked full of widgets?

Andrew already had products he could put together very quickly and cheaply. He made a fortune from these Cash on Demand products.

So the three types of products…

Andrew Reynolds teaches his Cash on Demand students to tie these three products to their niche market. For example, let’s look at men’s health, which covers fitness, the diet that type of thing. Ask questions such as, could you sell books into that particular group of magazine buyers? It’s a hungry market. Would they buy books on the subject? Could you sell for example, a three day workout book? Could you sell them a body-builder book? Absolutely.

You can sell the niche market books, using the Cash on Demand methods Andrew Reynolds teaches in his course.

Then you move onto another of the three products, for instance, live events. And you ask, could you sell them maybe a workshop on how to do massage? You don’t need to know how to do massage, you invite an expert. And that brings us to another possibility…could you teach people how to set up a business doing massage? Absolutely.

Then you take a look at the third of the products Andrew Reynolds sells in his own Cash on Demand business…digital products.

Could you sell DVDs with an abs workout? Could you sell an Indian head massage DVD into the massage niche? Could you sell a three day workout DVD? Absolutely.

Once you’ve identified a hungry market…it’s then, time to ask the question over and over again, what can you sell to these people? Will they buy CDs? DVDs? Yes or no? If you had DVDs that showed how to do this, would it make me money? Yes or no?

If you need product Andrew Reynolds gives you reprint and duplication rights to a set of Cash on Demand format DVDs at his live seminars. They cover the same topics that Andrew talks over with his students beforehand.

They are not old DVDs. They are brand new. Andrew Reynolds commissions them to be especially made. They are hot off the press and those students are always the first to get reprint and duplication rights to sell the product around the world. Andrew Reynolds students of his Cash on Demand system sell this product to as many people as they can possibly get. What’s more, the students get to keep all the money.

This is just to give you an idea of what you can expect if you attend one of Andrew Reynolds live stage teaching sessions on his Cash on Demand business methods.

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