Andrew Reynolds and the YouTube Goldmine

Andrew Reynolds Multi-Millionaire Marketer, Teaches his Cash on Demand Students Why He Uses this Global Phenomenom…

Attracting people to your website is a key aspect of successful online Cash on Demand marketing. It puts people in the top of your marketing funnel. And one way of doing this is to use written articles.

But as Andrew Reynolds shows us in the course, there are other ways to drive hoards of new visitors to websites. Andrews Cash on Demand student marketers are using a phenomenal marketing tool for traffic generation by making simple videos and putting them on YouTube.

Now I’m sure you know about YouTube and even if you have never logged onto the site, you will probably have heard other people talk about it. However, I’d still like to talk a little about the basics that Andrew Reynolds teaches, because this is an incredibly powerful tool for a Cash on Demand Marketer.

This is the fact…

In the UK alone, online advertising increased by 73% during 2005 – 2006, This took revenues from advertising to a colossal one point three billion pounds.

Online advertising has now overtaken other media, such as consumer and business magazines, radio, billboards and cinema. And internet shopping is predicted to grow five-fold. This is ONE THIRD of the British consumer buying products online (Office for National Statistics).

And as Andrew points out it is Video that is growing in popularity in huge leaps. Video online reaches the eyes and ears of a BIG audience, who are all potential customers. Ignore this phenomenon and you are throwing away the chance to prospect a goldmine.

So, let’s take a very brief cursory look at what Andrew Reynolds teaches us about YouTube. What is it exactly?

YouTube is a FREE online video shopping website. In other words any visitor can upload their own video clips…and watch other peoples’ video clips. If you haven’t already checked out this site, go to now.

Once you’re in the site you can do a search on anything and you’ll find a list of video clips for it. For instance, suppose you wanted to see the last FA Cup Final winning goal at Wembley. If you typed the keywords “Goal FA Cup New Wembley” in the search box, a list of related video clips would come up on the screen.

As Andrew Reynolds puts it – we are witnessing the growth of a 21st century goldmine…

YouTube was started in 2005. It went from Zero to an incredible over 4 million monthly visitors to the site within 3 months!

In 2006 YouTube was sold to Google for $1.65billion.

That’s just 20 months from the date YouTube started.

That’s a staggering £883million for a company only 20 months old.

That alone, demonstrates how important the site YouTube is in the global online market place. And of course, the founders of YouTube made an incredible return on such a new company.

So now YouTube is the BIGGEST Internet phenomenon. Because the biggest force in search and Internet advertising which is Google are combined with the biggest force in online video, YouTube.

It makes YouTube a golden opportunity for any student of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course – any marketer to make serious money.

Here are some fact and figures to demonstrate why this is such an exciting opportunity…

YouTube is one of the largest innovations in Internet history…possibly the previous contender being eBay.

It’s success is mainly because although online video existed before YouTube, it required separate software to view them. It was slow and it was frustrating.

The technology used by YouTube revolutionised online video. It not only allows people to watch videos in their web browser, but you can embed a YouTube video into your own website…more on this later.

For the first time, video from YouTube streams fairly well from the Internet, even on a wide range of Internet connection speeds.

Before YouTube video download, it took up to several minutes before it started to play or even worse, some required you to download the entire video before you could view it. Now, with YouTube video, play starts immediately and you can use pause or rewind.

This is ALL great news for any student of Andrew Reynolds who is serious about becoming a Cash on Demand marketer. As online video looks set to be the biggest and fastest growing advertising media for the next few years, you need to take advantage of this goldmine.

At present the majority of videos on YouTube are posted by amateurs looking for fun or notoriety. However, a savvy Cash on Demand marketer can use YouTube….

Here is a REAL Bonus…

Any sales leads you make by driving traffic from YouTube to your website are relatively inexpensive. In fact they’re almost FREE.

Here’s an example of this. Andrew Reynolds has one Cash on Demand business that uses online streaming video. Because he wants broadcast quality images, Andrew pays his streaming video provider around £3,000 – £4,000 every month for broadwidth. As I say, this delivers the footage to people’s computers in a constant stream that is almost TV quality.

Sounds a lot of money but it’s part of a multi-million pound Andrew Reynolds project.

But for most normal Cash on Demand projects you don’t need broadcast quality. Online video sites like YouTube pay all of the bandwidth costs for the videos they host. Most sites host the videos as long as you want to keep them posted on their site.

So if a video is played once or a million times you don’t get a bill for the bandwidth.

How cool is that? It means all you’ve got to do is cover the online cost of making your video clip. After that, there’s nothing else to pay for the privilege of people being able to view your video for 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Also it can stay online for as long as you like without additional fees. This is very different to the early Internet days when you had to pay each and every month just for a simple banner ad.

Actually videos get more views than banner ads. They also tend to increase in popularity because video sites use the system where videos with high view counts go up in their rankings.

It’s a great time to be experimenting and testing the use of video in your business. You can gain a sizeable advantage before this method of promotion becomes competitive.

Getting in on the ground floor of any online invention is always a great idea.

Take for example Search Engine Optimization

In the late 1990’s this was the new buzz word. All you had to do was to add a keyword to your webpage, and maybe add some keyword meta tags to the HTML code and within days you could have a page that ranked at the very top of some search engines.

However, now this once simple task of getting your website to appear at the top of the list when users typed in a relevant search word, has become anything but simple. Now it is a very expensive and difficult task. It is a field full of hassle, frustration and scam artists selling less than effective submission services and for an upfront fee.

Now it is extremely difficult to get top rankings based on particular keywords. Results are by no means guaranteed, it’s often a hit and miss affair, even after spending a lot of money on SEO experts.

The lesson to be learned from this is simple. It demonstrates the benefits of getting in on the ground floor of up and coming technology like YouTube.

Andrew Reynolds once told me something his mentor taught him “….The people who get to the theatre early tend to get the best seats…while the people who get there late may not get a seat at all…”

He made a relevant point. You need to act fast when something is gathering speed.

This is so relevant with YouTube videos.

Right now, it’s EASY to get many people to view your videos on almost any keyword you choose. With little effort you can get a Top 10 Ranked Video in YouTube’s search results with little effort.

Just imagine you can be at the TOP on a website which has enjoyed phenomenal success and growth, since its acquisition by Google.

YouTube will continue to grow, and while the technology is still relatively new, it’s a veritable goldmine perfect for a Cash on Demand business…

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