Andrew Reynolds at the very first event held for his Cash On Demand students

These are notes I took at one of Andrew Reynolds live appearances. He gave us a warm welcome to Wembley and to his Cash On Demand Bootcamp – which Andrew hoped would be the most stimulating and rewarding three days of our lives (They were!).

Before Andrew started talking about making money, he said a few words about mental approach and about positivity. Andrew wanted to address the negative vibes that we all get from a few people in the run up to such events – in person and on those daft discussion forums – where only the whiners seem to hang out and waste their time with negative stuff.

You see, it bothers me when people turn around and start saying things like “well it’s OK for someone like Andrew Reynolds, Andrew Reynolds has got a database. He’s got a customer list and great products coming out of his ears… Andrew Reynolds this Andrew Reynolds that.”

Like Andrew Reynolds never started from nowhere, from nothing, like his dad didn’t scrape and save when Andrew was a kid. Like Andrew wasn’t brought up in a caravan, like he didn’t fail his 11 plus. Like he doesn’t come from a family of business failures.

To be perfectly honest – it offends me.

I’ll tell you something. When Andrew Reynolds started on his journey to his £30,000,000 cash on demand business he didn’t have a database. He didn’t have a product to sell. He didn’t have any ‘previous’. He learned EVERYTHING THE HARD WAY.

If Andrew Reynolds had the advantages most people have, that thirty mill would look like chicken feed – believe me!

You know what I want to say to all the complainers, the negative crowd, the moaners, is this: if Andrew Reynolds CAN MAKE A FORTUNE ANYONE CAN.

Use his story as inspiration not a stick to beat him with. Andrew Reynolds has no RIGHT to be successful, but he is. YOU CAN BE TOO. Just drop the downer nonsense.

Poor beginnings. Yeah, Andrew Reynolds dad had a store, a hardware shop – a lovely little shop but with a broken business model. Broken like many businesses are. There are thousands of enterprises reliant on the whim of their customers as to when or whether they’ll make a living or not.

It took Andrew Reynolds old man 25 years of patiently waiting to be told by his customers whether he could make any money or not for him to realise – there’s no money in retail.

The business model is flawed. It’s broken. For example, the ridiculous stock levels are crippling. It’s the polar opposite of the Cash On Demand model Andrew Reynolds will be teaching you…

Where was I? Oh yeah – Retail and the high level of stock you need in the shop – Andrews dad had over 16,000 items! You’re having a laugh!

Retail Margins? Appalling!

Overheads? Horrendous!

And the sheer waste of time sitting there day after day simply waiting for your next miserable sale. Forget it. Just forget it!

In his Cash on Demand shows you a totally different business model.

Why spend your whole life – like Andrew Reynolds dad did – slowly dying in a cage of your own making, when the business that we’re talking about– the Cash On Demand business – can literally be run from anywhere on a laptop computer, anywhere in the world.

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