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Andrew Reynolds told me about an email he got from this guy yesterday. And he says he gets the same story again and again. Well this emailing guy explained he’d spent three years working on a product. And now he believed it was perfect. In his email he asked, “Who can I sell it to?”

So, he had this product, he’d worked on for over three years yet he had no idea who would buy it. Now Andrew Reynolds get emails with this same query again and again. Which is a shame – a great shame. Because all these people could have saved themselves a lot of wasted time, effort and money if only they had known the back to front Cash on Demand method, which guarantees a product has a market place.

Andrew Reynolds explained that the first thing you do is to look for a hungry market. That’s before you start designing or producing your product.

Actually, it’s before you even know what your product is going to be.

If you’re new to Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Course write this down…You need to find a hungry market. It is a total waste of your time to develop a product if you don’t know who is going to want to buy it.

Once you hear that, it seems so obvious doesn’t it? Right, so let’s look at how you can identify a hungry market. There are several ways…if you jot this down…if you go to… Andrew’s had his techies put a nice little page there. It’s a brand new tool.

It’s easy to use. For now, I’ll just tell you that what it does. It gives you an estimate of the number of people who are searching online on all the search engines. And that is every single day.

So, if you were to for example use this tool to find out, how many people search on the word and I’m plucking this from the air…photography, you’d type in the word photography and it will say…based on the figures at the beginning of this month approximately 300,000 people per day are searching terms containing the word photography.

It’s a simple but powerful tool to discover hungry markets. You can use this tool you’re free to use it. It’s on the Andrew Reynolds website. So, please do use it.

When Andrew Reynolds first started out he would visit the local bookstores. Borders is his favourite and I often still visit the branch in Oxford Street, London myself too. There’s also one in Brighton off Church Square I think it is. What Andrew got me into is their magazine section. It’s fantastic. They have a huge range which even includes French issues. They have a coffee shop and you can sit there with a pile of magazines and sift through them.

Andrew Reynolds taught me to look for lots of magazines on the same subject.

If Borders are stocking a lot of magazines on one subject, it’s a dead cert. it’s a popular subject. Let’s face it with the high rental cost on a store in Oxford Street and in Brighton, they wouldn’t stock magazines that don’t sell.

It means there is a hungry market for that information.

So for example, on my last visit I found entire sections of magazines all about fitness. There are magazines with information on massage, there’s a magazine devoted to Yoga, all for people interested in fitness. That’s a hungry market, which makes it a perfect niche market.

And then it includes diet, again there are loads of magazines on slimming and looking good. Actually I’m getting into lots of trouble with my girlfriend, because I keep coming home with big bags full of these magazines and she doesn’t believe me when I tell her it’s all for research.

As I say, fitness, diet is one huge industry full of hungry niche markets.

One of the growth industries is linked to the ever increasing number of people living longer. As the conditions of living and health improve, along with medical advances, we now have people in their eighties searching for quality of life and at that age, the main issue is to be healthy. So, that again has created a hungry market.

As I say, all these little subgroups of the fitness, diet genre you can find out about, by sifting through the magazine section. You can if you choose to, do this as well as using the Internet tool on the Andrew Reynolds site.

So, that’s how you can identify a hungry market. And remember, you do this first. It comes before creating the product not after.

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