Andrew Reynolds Business Model Works Even in Credit Crunch Times

Successful student of Multi-Millionaire Businessman Andrew Reynolds Explains How Recessions and Credit Crunches Don’t Diminish The Power of The Cash on Demand System…

As I write this the world seems to be gripped in a state of negativity. All the media outlets are full of gloomy facts, depressing statistics and shocking headlines.

For instance….

The list of similar headlines seems endless, but I don’t want to depress you anymore. The fact is that it appears we are living in a world about to implode.

There’s no escape from this bad news either. If we turn on the television we are told about it. If we turn on the radio we hear the news…and it’s all in the newspapers. Even when we just go shopping and walk past the newspaper rack, the headlines appear to scream bad and even horrific headlines at us. And some banks have huge plasma screens showing the 24 hours news channels. There is NO escaping it. We are subjected to bad news even when we log onto the Internet. Right there on your front page are the latest headlines!

So, why have I mentioned all of this depressing news when it’s all around us anyway?

Because Andrew Reynolds recently gave a speech where he taught us that we need to see the truth of all this and not be drawn in by the negative rubbish we’re constantly subjected to through the media.

It’s so important that we all stay focussed and understand what Andrew Reynolds had to say. It’s critical to your success. Andrew Reynolds revealed a crucial reason why some people become millionaires and others never make it past the first hurdle. And I really, really want you to make your Cash on Demand business work, not for my sake, but for yours.

Andrew already has his millions and he continues to achieve his personal goals. However, if you become a victim of this ‘gloomy’ economic period, you won’t achieve your level of desired income or any of your personal goals.

So, what is the danger you need to avoid? It’s what so many people do during a gloomy period… they panic.

If you panic and put off starting your Cash on Demand business, you’ll join the struggling masses as the cost of living soars. You’ll watch helplessly as your bank balance dwindles, as you struggle to repay the mortgage which has increased by 30% and fuel costs rocket etc.

However, if you remain calm in the face of this…what Andrew Reynolds reveals is that this is all an imagined storm…all higher living costs will be easily met. If you seized the opportunity that Andrew Reynolds puts on the table you could be earning tens of thousands of pounds a month from your own Home Based Business. Whatever is happening in the world will have little or NO negative effect on you.

There is a very good reason why I mention this to you, at this point. It is because I have already see some fellow Cash on Demand students who are just about to throw away their futures…

They Are Literally About To Press the Panic Button…

I recently met loads of fellow students who were asking me the same sort of questions or making similar comments. They are all connected with students getting concerned, because of all the media coverage about a possible global crisis…

Queries on the lines of…

“Will the ‘current economic climate’ affect my Cash On Demand business?”

And decisions on the lines of…

“I think I’ll wait until ‘the market’ improves…”

Every Andrew Reynolds student who is taking the Cash on Demand course has made a major decision to change their lives. And it’s so very, very sad when they actually change such a major decision based simply on what’s being presented to them by the media. So I think it’s important to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap many people will fall into and instead make certain you see the truth.

The first truth is this…

The Media is ALWAYS full of BAD News…

The bottom line is that newspapers thrive on bad news stories. If the papers were to print pages of good news style stories, they’d go out of business. Every journalist and editor knows that the more sensational their headlines are the more newspapers they sell and so they vie with each other to ‘bump up’ the most dramatic stories they can. They know people buy newspapers to read the latest ‘shock news’.

By now, after having come so far in Andrew Reynolds course, you should be immune to this. The Cash on Demand course shows you how to ‘think’ like a Millionaire as well as showing you a method of achieving that status fairly quickly.

Sadly, there are, despite everything Andrew Reynolds talked about in the Cash on Demand course, some people who buy into all the nonsense pumped out by the media machine. And they allow themselves to be influenced by the doom and gloom news to such an extent that they make major decisions that will profoundly affect their entire life and their family around them, based on what the media say. It’s foolhardy.

It’s like making a major life changing decision on the throw of a dice! That would make just about as much sense.

Instead of starting their Cash on Demand business, they decide to wait for the perfect time to start. When there are no obstacles. When EVERY condition is ideal, then they’ll make a start.

Okay, so when will that be? It won’t happen in your lifetime or mine, or even our children’s lifetime. In fact it’s NEVER going to happen. There is only one right time to start whether the world’s on a wave of good times or sinking in a recession. And that time is NOW!

The bottom line is…whatever the situation out there is like, it won’t make the slightest difference to your Cash on Demand business unless you buy into their hype. Because the real boom or recession is not in the world, it exists only in your head. You either look at the gathering clouds through the window of your mind, or you look to the sun.

Whichever you choose, will determine whether you succeed or not. It’s got nothing to do with crashing prices or rising fuel costs etc. IN FACT I CAN PROVE IT!

If you don’t believe me, let me ask you this question…

Can you remember a time during the past ten years of so, when there were absolutely no major problems in the world? A time that you can say, for instance, there’s total peace in the world, no-one’s at war so all the trade paths between countries are open. Or, nowhere in the world is coping with upheaval after a major natural disaster like floods or earthquakes.

I think not! There has never been a time in the history of this planet, when it was ideal to start a business, when the conditions were so ideal you could be assured of success.

The honest truth is there is ALWAYS bad news. The only difference is whether we CHOOSE to be sucked into it or not, whether we allow it to interfere with the decisions we make for our lives.

Before we take a closer look at headlines, I’d like to run something else past you, which concerns the media machine…

Right now, the phrase that we’re continually bombarded with is ‘Credit Crunch’. But what is a Credit Crunch but a recession? It’s just another way to ‘label’ a recession. So, why is there this label for recession? Maybe it’s because during the last big recession, in the late 80’s I think it was, as the country was coming out of it, the media was running stories that a recession of that scale could never happen again.


Okay, so what do the bods behind the media machine decide? Better not call it a recession this time, I know we’ll call it Credit Crunch. Got a kinda cool ring to it, hasn’t it? Because the media use this term, everybody’s talking Credit Crunch.

It’s frightening how easy it is for people to be manipulated by the media.

Millionaires are NOT manipulated by the media – they see through the hype!

Okay, so let me continue by taking a closer look at those headlines I listed earlier…

Oil Disputes …

A worrying headline? Not at all. Not when you realise that this was a headline from a newspaper dated November 2000. Andrew Reynolds business which he had only just really started then, pulled in around £2.24 Million Pounds in sales…in the same year of fuel protests… the year 2000.

Just in case you think that was a fluke, how about this headline…

The World Falling Into Recession…

Looks familiar? It looks like the latest news, but once again, it’s NOT from today’s newspapers but taken from 2001.The year that I think most of have branded on our memories, due to the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11.

On that day, the events led to probably the greatest shift in human emotion…mostly negative in the history of the planet. In fact almost immediately after the 9/11 attacks Andrew Reynolds started getting emails from his students, telling him it was a waste of time their even starting now.

They had been put off by headlines similar to…

Terror Attack Hits World Markets…

In contrast, here’s what Andrew Reynolds did. He NEVER listens to the media doom and gloom forecasts. Andrew took positive action with his Cash on Demand business and these were the results in 2001…

(i.e. £3.2 MILLION POUNDS)

You should know that 38% of those sales…a massive 1.25 Million Pounds…came in during the immediate aftermath of the events of 9/11.

So, Andrew Reynolds made more money in the quarter AFTER 9/11 with the Cash on Demand system when all the media reports were predicting the financial markets were in turmoil and it was going to take a long time for the markets to recover.

Just imagine if he had listened to all the negative reports…He would have stopped trading until the market picked up again and consequently would have lost out on earning that £1.25 million. That’s the potential that those students of Cash on Demand who decided not to start at that time, lost out on.

Andrew Reynolds chose to focus on the positive, and ignore the negative reports at that time.

It wasn’t as if the attacks hadn’t happened. It was all horribly true, and it was quickly followed by the anthrax attacks (remember the letters sent in the USA containing anthrax?). People were afraid to open their post. Yet in 2001, after the 9/11 attack, Andrew Reynolds mailed thousands of written letters and made money. He could so easily have refused to send out any mail, working on the assumption that people would be too frightened to open them.

It’s always easier to be negative. It keeps us in our comfort zone. We don’t have to try anything new. The truth is despite all the depressing gloom, a small business CAN make huge amounts of money.

If you’re still not convinced, then you might be interested to know that in the time the headlines I’ve mentioned have been keeping the general population down at heel, Andrew Reynolds small Cash on Demand business has generated over £30million pounds.

At the same time his business has done that, other people have made their decisions based on what the media are reporting. Consequently they are stuck in the same lifestyle they desperately wish they could escape.

They could have the same lifestyle he has, once they understand that millionaire’s never listen to the media. They focus on their own positive energies.

He’s gone onto buy several properties for over a MILLION POUNDS EACH IN CASH. IAndrew Reynolds travels the world in FIRST CLASS luxury … everywhere from the USA to Australia.

It’s all thanks to the Cash on Demand business system which works regardless of the global situation. A business model that has no large corporate machine in place … no board of directors and committees to report to with ideas etc … a business you can carry around with you on a laptop or even run on a iPhone.

It is a business so perfect that it instantly allows you to adapt and launch new products, as the market changes. To profit from new opportunities which arise from the news … GOOD OR BAD!

So refuse to be drowned by the Credit Crunch gloom!

Instead, jump in and have some fun. And go make some money! It’s there if you want it … and so is that lifestyle you crave.

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