Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand bonus building techniques

Cash On Demand author and Entrepreneur Andrew Reynolds talks in his home business course about adding value to cash on demand products you’ve put together with bonuses

Bonuses are an essential tool in your sales armoury – a really powerful way to clinch a sale. I mean who wouldn’t be interested in FREE Andrew Reynolds DVDs :-) or Directories or extra FREE Tutorials? It’s human nature to appreciate the EXTRA WORTH of a product as more and more free bonuses are added.

People often ask Andrew, “you’ve used bonus products to sell millions of pounds worth of products, what kind of bonus I should offer?”

And of course the reply is: “That relates specifically to the nature of the actual main cash on demand product that you’re offering.”

In identifying the most effective types of bonus, you need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing and what your customer is trying to achieve through purchasing the product. Andrew Reynolds recommends that you ask yourself a few simple questions.

For instance, suppose you have a DVD set on Internet Marketing aimed at people who can make a living from home, teaching people how to make a living selling DVDs on Internet Marketing. The product’s called: “The Internet Money Machine – £1000 A DAY EVERY DAY”

The DVD goes out for £67.

Well what kind of bonuses would someone setting up their own online business appreciate?

Simple website authoring software?

Google Adwords guidance to get visitors to that site…

Search engine optimisation reference

Some graphics ideas?

Copywriting hints and tips

Ask yourself these sorts of questions. What is it that will make the product they are buying MORE desirable?

Question – Now how do we go from this to actually finding suitable bonuses with sky-high perceived value?

Answer – with RESALE RIGHTS!

In the Cash On Demand modules Andrew Reynolds takes a good look at a live example in which, the PERCEIVED VALUE of all of the items he found and paid for was…

Guess how much?


ULIMITED REPRINT RIGHTS worth probably HUNDREDS OF POUNDS … and even more if you RE-BRAND them…. for a tenner.

You see the money?

You include the bonuses onto CD’s/DVD and add them to the £67 DVD – “The Internet Money Machine – £1000 A DAY – EVERY DAY”. OK, so the bonus package cost is £2.50 (i.e. 5 x say 50p for a CD to copy at home) and you sell 1,000 Internet Marketing DVD’s.

With the 5 Bonuses costing me less then £10 to acquire … the actual cost of getting the reprint rights to these 5 bonuses works out just 1 PENNY per sale! That’s £2.51 all in for the bonus on a £67 product

Bonuses – a VERY profitable way that Andrew Reynolds teaches to enhance your Cash On Demand product

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