Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Business Model Raises Cash for Charity

Andrew Reynolds was telling me about the worst possible thing for him at his at Cash on Demand Workshops. It is the people who say, “I’ll give it a go Andrew, even though I know it won’t work for me. So, I’ll pay five grand to come to a workshop. I’ll try it. I know it’s not going to work, but hey, I can but try.” And they go away. Four weeks or so later, these guys come back and tell Andrew Reynolds, “It didn’t work.”

Well, what can you expect?

Andrew Reynolds makes a wise request…and you’ll soon see why I say wise, because the results of his request benefited me and all the other people at his workshops, “Can we just suspend negativity for the weekend?” Andrew asked. When we go for a coffee, he explained, if you ask a guy how he’s doing…and he turns round and says, “I’ve tried all this and it doesn’t bloody work…Oh the Internet, yeah I did that one…didn’t work, that Internet thingy,” don’t let it influence you.

At the workshops for Cash on Demand, Andrew Reynolds brings multi-millionaires on to the stage. They’re people who have made multi-millions of pounds or dollars from the Internet.

The point that Andrew wanted to make to us was that if we can just remove the negativity of the half-hearted, “I’ll give this Cash on Demand thing a go, we can be like these guys that come along and talk at the workshops.

For instance, there’s a BT guy that’s made seven hundred grand. I mean, I thought to myself, well he can’t be a genius. Let’s face, it, all he’s done is carry out exactly what Andrew Reynolds shows us to do. All we have to do is take notes as he’s speaking. And it was writing down all we needed to do to get into that same business that made this BT guy £700,000!

Andrew Reynolds told me that this was the reason he stopped doing live workshops, he got fed up with people saying, “I’ll give it a go.” And then maybe a week later, a month or even a year later, they’d come back to Andrew and say, “Oh, it didn’t work. Well, I didn’t really expect it to. What else have you got?”

Luckily…for me and many others… Andrew agreed to do an Entrepreneurs Bootcamp to raise some money for Great Ormond Street.

I’ve got to tell you this. The first Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, was as I say, the brainchild of Cash on Demand Author and Multi-Millionaire Andrew Reynolds…well it raised over £300,000 for the Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity.

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