Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand marketing versus Traditional marketing

Andrew Reynolds author of the Cash on Demand system recently talked about comparing and contrasting Cash on Demand with traditional marketing.

As a student of Andrew Reynolds, lets talk about chalk and cheese, frustration and FREEDOM, and the comparison between Cash on Demand and traditional marketing.

The Andrew Reynolds we know today comes from a pretty humble background I can assure you. His dad ran a hardware shop – the traditional business model. You open the shop on January 1st, you sit around all year or lean on the counter or stare out of the window or whatever you want to do and wait. You wait for somebody…. anybody, to wander by and maybe or maybe not buy something, you finish on December 31st, by which time you hope and pray that enough people have come to your shop and spent enough money to allow you to feed the family and fend off the bailiffs.

It sucks.

Cash On Demand isn’t like that. It’s like a breath of fresh, it’s control, and it’s financial freedom.

The Cash On Demand system that Andrew Reynolds teaches is a sales funnel. He talks more about the funnel in the course – about niche products and the funnel. About front end products and backend products. We’ll talk about that later…

What you do to start with is line up as many hungry customers at the starting line then fire the starting pistol when you’re ready.

The money floods in and then you go off and do something else.

Oh yeah. The other thing you do is to put in YOUR finishing line. As the business owner you put it where you choose. The finishing line is strictly for your benefit. Why stop the money pouring in? Because you want the money now, not in six months time. I’m not interested in hanging around while customers fuss about. I don’t want the money dripping in. I want it by 10 o’clock tonight – and so should you.

Andrew Reynolds for example, does a charity project each year. He did a £400,000 project recently for Great Ormond Street kids hospital. Went down a storm. Plus he does a couple a year for himself. Means Andrew can do what he wants with his life and not hang around waiting for customers to dictate when he can and cannot make money. Makes sense!

With the Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand system; he teaches you how to put yourself in a position where you demand the money… hence the name.

That’s what he teaches in the Cash On Demand course.

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