Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Students at an Entrepreneurs workshop

In a recent presentation from a Cash on Demand workshop, author Andrew Reynolds took a look at system fundamentals.

Andrew Reynolds talked recently to me about Cash on Demand fundamentals. Just briefly he wanted to look at some fundamentals that are going to set you and I – his students – on the path to making money.

You see one of the basics of a successful Cash On Demand business is being able to identify a hungry market. You assemble your hungry customers at the starting line, fire the gun, the money floods in and they hit the finishing line. Yes? Simple.

If you’re new to Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course write this down. You need to find a hungry market. If you haven’t got anyone to sell it to, what’s the point in taking the time and trouble to develop a product. However good it is…what’s the point?

So of course, the Internet is a BIG deal marketing-wise and it makes sense for you to know what people are searching for in Google or wherever. Check out… he’s put a brand new tool there for you. It gives you an estimate of the number of people that are searching on different keywords. That’s amazing information. You’re getting into their heads….

Let’s take Diet. Say you wanted to know how many people search every day for the word diet. I’ll tell you, a couple of weeks ago I noticed 526,000 people per day are searching on terms containing the word diet. Clearly a popular term. A popular area with a stack of niches. You’re already on your way to uncovering some nice hungry markets (literally!)

Have a look at that tool. It’s up on the Andrew Reynolds website.

Go offlinetoo. Andrew Reynolds hangs out in WH Smiths or Waterstone’s or wherever and takes a good look at all the magazines. Niche magazines that within themselves discuss sub niches. They’re magazines stocked by corporations for a reason, and the reason is that people BUY them – they cater to specific niches. Tap into those niches too.

It’s not hard. It’s pretty simple cash on demand stuff here that Andrew Reynolds teaches. See? We’ve got all these little hungry markets out there right under our noses.

So there you have it. We’ve identified a hungry market using what Andrew Reynolds teaches. Now, what can we sell them? If you read the Cash On Demand course, you’ll soon see how this works. And you’ll learn all about the three best types of product to sell in your home business.

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