Andrew Reynolds creating profits from rebranding

Andrew Reynolds entrepreneur and Cash in Demand author talked to me about differentiating your product for improved sales success

It’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market place, to standout from the crowd. Andrew does it himself – he’s Andrew Reynolds, not some Joe Schmo from Idaho. You’re you. It is important that people are able to recognise the difference.

Believe me, as convenient as it might seem to take someone’s sales copy or website as part of a reprints package, if you get them included as part of the deal, chuck them in the bin.

They’re no good to you.

Andrew Reynolds teaches us that what we need to do is to re-brand. Make your product original by using the rebranding techniques Andrew teaches in the Cash On Demand course. It’s worked time and time again for Reynolds.

Here’s an example. About four or five years ago Andrew Reynolds paid a $1000 for the reprint rights to a simple audio tape a guy had made. A guy in the States. Just a simple audio tape product.

Andrew really, really didn’t want to simply throw it out onto the market as it was. I mean, not that Andrew realised it then but the product owner had already sold thousands of his reprints to other guys like me. Andrew Reynolds intuition told him to tweak the package a little bit, to touch it up, change the packaging and give it a different feel.

Now his product was unique and he wasn’t competing with all the other clone versions that were being offered on the Internet.

Did Andrew say throw away the sales copy? Yes? Good.

When you’re buying reprint rights the same as other people remember that most other people will simply use the copy they’re given, much like the packaging. Go the extra mile and create your own cash on demand copy using the techniques Andrew Reynolds teaches in his course modules.

Don’t join the hundreds of websites with those same images, the same copy, the same everything. If you do that you will fail. Plain and simple.

Put your own sales letter together – make it totally, absolutely and completely different. Unrecognisable.

As it happens Andrew Reynolds was too busy at the time to do that product, so he passed it on to one of his inner circle students. They sold about half a million pounds worth of that rebranded product with its own unique sales letter. All the other guys out there all with identical looking websites and copy went nowhere slowly.

See how it works? Be unique by using the techniques Andrew Reynolds shows in the Cash On Demand course.

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