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Excerpts from an interview with Entrepreneur and Businessman Andrew Reynolds Talking to Students of his Cash On Demand Business Model…

Every business idea Andrew Reynolds has is developed using his Cash on Demand system. But they don’t only work for Andrew Reynolds, these principles work when Students of his Cash on Demand course use them.

Several of these students are Cash Millionaires or have banked a Million Pounds.

And Andrew Reynolds personally made around £8.5millon during the time he was writing the Cash on Demand course. He practices exactly what he shows other people to do.

In other words it’s Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course that works; it’s the principle within it that gives you the tools and the know-how to make however much money you desire, it’s not just Andrew Reynolds who makes money.

Because it’s got nothing to do with me being Andrew Reynolds, he’s not a genius, he doesn’t posses super powers he’s just your average guy.

As a child Andrew Reynolds lived in a caravan and he left school with one exam in woodwork. By the age of 40 his job, his car and marriage had all gone down the tubes – he lost the lot. As Andrew Reynolds says, “I’m just an average guy”.

What I should explain to you is that Andrew Reynolds could have changed his name to your name eleven years ago and still his life would be as it is today. He would still have banked over £30.5million pounds and owned a Bentley costing £125,000. And he would still have bought 3 properties costing a £1million each and all paid for with cash.

And he would fly first class from England to Australia and many other amazing countries around the globe.

What I want to get across to you, is that success is not in a name, it’s not in who Andrew Reynolds is because it is the Cash on Demand system that has made it all happen. It’s the Cash on Demand system that can make it all happen for you.

It has given Andrew the lifestyle of his dreams. It can give you the lifestyle of your dreams too.

All any individual has to do is to plug that system in, turn it on and press all the buttons as it were. The instructions are there in Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course. And it doesn’t matter one bit, if it’s you…me… Andrew’s millionaire students…we are all merely operators, following the same instructions.

Once you grasp this and dare to believe it, you’ll have everything you need to fulfil all of your personal goals…whether you plan to make a million pounds in 5 years or a million every year…it doesn’t matter. It’s all relative, it’s whatever you desire.

The life you seek is waiting for you. The Cash on Demand course is your SAT NAV to navigate you to your destination.

Of course it’s scary at first. Taking that plunge, it’s a leap of faith isn’t it? As Andrew Reynolds says “I know, because I was once exactly where some of you are today. I was listening to a seminar, to this guy, rattling on about his fantastic lifestyle, basically saying he had it all and that all of us in that room could also have it all.

I found it hard to believe, and yet he was telling the truth!

I could so easily have let that, a chance of a lifetime slip away. If I had left without buying the gold licences that I did…well, I wouldn’t be a multi-millionaire today, that’s for sure.

And I want the same for you. I don’t want you to let this opportunity pass, to let your life slip away. Especially as a Cash on Demand business is so easy and straightforward.”

Andrew Reynolds pays himself a wage of up to £2,000,000 every year, by simply doing the following…

He sources a brand new ready made Cash on Demand style product. And he does this two or three times a year. The products are usually in the format of CD’s or DVD’s and they are for Specialist Niche Markets.

All he does beside that is to re-brand those two or three products (a very simple process) and give them to a fulfilment company who offers them on his behalf to individuals in the UK who he knows are already buying those types of CD’s and DVD’s. This is usually done in two ways…either by mail or via a simple automatic website. He doesn’t create the website if you’re wondering, in fact he doesn’t even run it. Andrew Reynolds is not a computer bod by any means, in fact I’d say he’s pretty hopeless with a PC. He knows how to do emailing and that’s about it.

Anyway, in both cases he doesn’t deal with the orders. A fulfilment company does it all. They stock the goods, take the orders and ship the product out.

However, the money comes directly into his bank account – less of course their small handling fee.

The fulfilment company does everything for Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand business. They take care of making the CD and DVD copies, they print the covers, and sort out the packaging for a boxed set. And they mail out all the orders to anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

It’s that easy. If you chose to use a fulfilment company they’ll even answer the phone, take the orders, deal with any customer queries. And they send you a cheque at the end of each month less their small commission.

I hope you can see why I believe that Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand model can be used by anyone and it’s virtually as perfect a home based business as you can get.

In case you’re wondering how Andrew can afford to pay himself a wage of up to £2,000,000 a year, from such a simple idea, let me give you an example of the level of profit.

Just a few weeks after sourcing a DVD set Andrew made £175,000 after tax profit. It was about 2 hours work a week because he offered this DVD set through my fulfilment company. You could do the same following the Cash on Demand formula.

As you can see, running a Cash on Demand business is not just about making money. A huge part of it is the freedom it gives you.

For instance, Andrew is usually in some exotic location when writing the Cash on Demand modules. He’s written them while in Las Vegas…from a suite at the Waldorf Astoria in New York…a harbour side balcony in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the famous Opera house…just to name a few locations.

And while he has enjoyed these amazing places, he has also been able to run his Cash on Demand business on his laptop, using a range of tools to make it very easy.

It sounds a good way to earn a living doesn’t it?

If you follow the Cash on Demand home study course to set up your own business you can be the one making thousands of pounds while jetting around the world.

Maybe you don’t think you can turn your own dreams into a reality. In fact they seem so far fetched that you just can’t rustle up the energy to get started.

If you feel like that, here’s advice from Andrew Reynolds. “Know where you’re heading…know what you want to achieve…have the vision, the dream…but just get here a step at a time. In other words bite-size the process.”

You don’t need to take an almighty leap from where you are to where you want to be. You simply have to make a start. Focus on one small task each day.

That’s how Andrew Reynolds started out. He just took it one step at a time.

Think of it this way. With your SAT NAV guiding you, you set out on a thousand mile journey. Several hundred of those miles are at night. All you can see is the distance the headlights illuminate the road in front of you. But you’re not bothered. The SAT NAV is guiding you to your destination. You KNOW you’ll arrive.

It’s the same with a Cash on Demand business. Just start the journey and you’ll be amazed at how soon you reach your destination…your dreams.

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  1. mark says:

    I’m ready to start my business starting with the mini Cash on Demand system. I’ve had your books for some time now and I’m ready to start thank you for all your help Andrew.

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