Andrew Reynolds Illustrates Instant Cash on Demand

Andrew Reynolds successful student explains how money pours into a Cash on Demand style business – because the relationship between you and your customers is far removed from a traditional business.

The way a traditional business works is the business owner waits for the customers to approach. Just like when Andrew’s dad was in his shop…that’s a traditional method. You open the doors on 1st January and you finish on December 31st and in that time you hope you’ve made enough money to provide for the family and pay the bills. What an utterly miserable life.

So, as Andrew shows, with a traditional business you WAIT for your customers.

A Cash on Demand business it totally different because in the first instance, you do NOT wait around for your customers.

This is how it works…it’s what Andrew Reynolds does and it’s what the students of his Cash on Demand course learn how to do…so let me show you…

Imagine it like this…

Andrew sets up a starting line. He does this in some of the small niche markets he operates in. What I mean by a starting line is Andrew gets all his niche market customers ready behind that starting line. And this is the really neat part…when he’s ready…which means he doesn’t hang around waiting in the hope a customer is going to say they want to make a purchase…but when he’s ready…he fires the starting pistol. Andrew Reynolds is the one determining when he wants the money and so he goes out and collects it.

It puts the business owner in control of his business. In the traditional retail business the customer is in control of that business. Think about it.

The other part of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand business model is…and jot this down…he puts in a finish line so he knows exactly when the money will stop coming in from that particular project. So, why would Andrew want to, or for that matter, anyone want to do this?

Consider this, what’s the worst part of owning a traditional business? It’s the lack of freedom. For instance, like Andrews dad with his shop, he was tied to that business, for six days of every week he had to be in that shop for when any customer arrived. Apart from the few holiday days off, like Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, he had to be in the shop.

Compare that to how I have just explained you or I can run a Cash on Demand business. You choose when to fire the starting pistol and you chose when to end the session. You don’t want money coming in for weeks on end in dribs and drabs, because it would tie you down.

If you want to get your project out there, collect the money in the 4 weeks or whatever it is you decide and then close the doors on that project so you can go and do something else with your time.

I’ll give you a real example of this business model. A coupe of years ago Andrew Reynolds said, “We want to raise £400,000 for Great Ormond Street in 10 days.” He wanted to start it by 10 o’clock tonight. That’s what happened. They needed the money now – not dripping in over a period of weeks or months. Does that make sense?

It’s liberating! Each year Andrew does a couple of projects for himself and then one for charity. And in between he can do loads of other things. He can jet off to Las Vegas for a few weeks if he wants to and take in all the fabulous shows.

To make sure you really get this right, because until you understand this nothing else makes sense, you line my customers up behind the start line, when you want the money you fire the starting pistol. The money pours in and then you go off and do something else. It’s a totally different way of looking at business.

It’s how Andrew Reynolds am able to take a lot of time off.

That’s how, If you’ve seen some of Andrews DVD’s, he was able to have a TV reporter follow him round and watch all the orders coming in; live on the screen….online order…. online order….. online order.

It is literally Cash On Demand;

You demand the money once you are running a Cash on Demand business. Andrew Reynolds teaches you how to do that in the Cash on Demand course.

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