Andrew Reynolds Low Cost Start-up Cash on Demand System

When I originally asked Andrew Reynolds what makes his Cash on Demand so attractive, this is what he told me…

The Number One reason is the low product costs and high margins.

In Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand business you sell only three types of products.

One: CD’s, DVD’s etc.

In other words digital products delivered on discs. Andrew explained that it costs less than a pound to produce a CD. And yet a package of 3 CD’s will sell for around £67. So, to go over that again from the start…your product of 3 CD’s costs £3 and you’re selling price is around £67. So, low product costs. Andrew Reynolds told me that the most expensive set of discs he thinks he’s ever sold was a set of 12 for £3,000. And Andrew reckons you can get the price on quantities down to about 85p a disc.

Two: Paper products.

This covers books or manuals and courses. Any product on paper. The Cash on Demand course comes under this umbrella. Each month Andrew Reynolds sends you a part of the course after you’ve sent him some money.

Three: Workshops.

And in case you’re like I used to be, I’d like to tell you all a bit of what I learnt from Andrew Reynolds about workshops before you hit the panic button and dip out. I mean, I did, I totally panicked thinking, “I don’t have to sit up there and do a workshop, do I?” But Andrew taught me how to be a workshop promoter.

For a start Andrew Reynolds explained that you don’t ever need to be the expert. All you do is simply find somebody else to be the expert. So, you record them on the CD, you stick their content on the DVD and you put their content onto a paper product. And in the same way, you get them on the stage at a workshop.

To take you back to the list for a second.

As Andrew Reynolds will tell you, you need to have low marketing costs. You don’t need to have twenty or forty thousands pounds for marketing costs okay? Andrew Reynolds showed me a couple of techniques, where for less than a hundred pounds, you can get huge exposure for your product. In fact for less than a hundred quid, Andrew Reynolds pulled in over £1million worth of advertising! You can do the same. Andrew Reynolds shows you exactly how.

There is an expensive way of doing it as well. This again is what Andrew Reynolds taught me. Direct mail is the more expensive option. However when I was shown this it made me understand the principles of the business. So, that’s why I want you to know this as well, and then you can learn about the cheaper ways that Andrew showed me on how to get started.

One of the big things about this business is that it doesn’t have huge overheads. Andrew is always insistent that you set the thing up so that your only costs are incurred when you sell a product. For example, if you decide to use a fulfillment house to send out your product, make certain they’re paid on a per-piece basis. As Andrew will tell you that means, if you don’t sell any you don’t pay anything.

The other consideration for making sure you have low overheads is to run your Cash on Demand business from home. You really don’t need a huge office. And you don’t want loads of staff. Personally, before I’d listened to Andrew Reynolds and become involved in the Cash on Demand system, I’d invested in a few companies where they have overheads. As you can appreciate, you have to cover the costs of running the office and staff before you can even begin to make a profit for yourself. With Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand business, you can run it from your laptop, if you want to. I thought that was fantastic. A £349 laptop and you can be up and running. You’ve got your office and staff overheads covered.

And that’s all because, as Andrew Reynolds told me, is that this business can be operated at arms length. I’m going to show you a couple of methods today where you can do this. As Andrew showed me, you just cut out the middle man and collect the cash yourself. And on top of that, everybody else does the work for you. It’s a bit like going to Fortnum and Mason’s with a personal shopper. While you sit there sipping champagne, they do all the running around for you.

The way Andrew Reynolds teaches the Cash on Demand system, it is easily learned. And his system is easily applied to different niche markets. That’s the beauty of the Cash on Demand course by Andrew Reynolds…

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