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A student of Home Based Business Guru Andrew Reynolds talks about the mind of a millionaire.

If any of you out there are teachers, forgive me for saying this, but in general they are not hot when it comes to financial aspects.

You don’t find a teacher arriving at school in a £100,000 car for instance. And it’s more likely to be semi- detached than a mansion. They get a more than the usual amount of holidays a years – although some of those are often taken up with training – but they don’t visit exotic places do they? And yet these are the people teaching us.

Andrew Reynolds did a diploma in Business Studies. He was astonished when he later discovered that most people who teach business have gained their experience by trying and failing. So, the teachers telling us what to do in business, how to succeed and make money, have often tried and failed to do just that.

And then there are the professional teachers who have never been in business. So, what experience do they have? Zilch. Granted, they have theories but those teachers haven’t actually applied them. So, how do they know those theories actually work?

How often have you gone to see a bank manager, who simply does not understand how self employment works? They’re just not on that wave length it’s completely alien to them, because they get their wage packet every week or month, without fail. It doesn’t matter how they perform their tasks, their wages are assured – unless of course they’re sacked.

So, why should we be told to ask their advice on our finances when they don’t have the experience and therefore the understanding of being in business?

Andrew Reynolds mentioned to me something which happened recently to one of the students of his Cash on Demand course. Seems the student went to see the small business manager at his bank. This manager advised him not to start his information product business.

That’s expert advice? Honestly, it’s criminal.

Here’s someone with absolutely NO experience of running a home based business telling another person they shouldn’t start the business of their choosing. This manager had NEVER operated a home business, NEVER earned millions a year and has NO concept of financial freedom – because he won’t ever experience it unless he gives up his job.

So how the hell can he give business advice? Think about it.

We all have the freedom to choose and yes it’s good to listen to the advice of other people – but ONLY when they KNOW through hands on experience, what they are talking about. It’s much like going to a dentist and asking his advice on your bad foot.

If you only wanted to know how to live an ordinary life, by that I mean the usual of living in a semi on a housing estate with 2.5 kids and one holiday a year and maybe a company, then expect sound advice from a bank manager. He knows exactly how you can reach such levels. And that’s because of course it’s pretty much what a manager’s life is like.

In the past I have gone to see my own bank manager who offered me the same kind of advice. Lucky for me, and in the long run for his bank, I smiled and thanked him. As soon as I left his room, I completely ignored his advice – as most successful entrepreneurs do.

As a result of totally ignoring his bank managers advice Andrew Reynolds became a Multi-Millionaire. The Bank Manager is still stuck in his job and still dishing out advice.

Going back to teachers for a minute, consider what they teach us. We are driven to get good grades, go on to take further education, maybe University so we can get some qualifications. Why? To get a good job.

Then for the next umpteen years we should strive for promotion in our chosen careers until we reach the top…then retire at 65 if you’re a woman and 70 for the men. And for a few more years, we can collect a pittance in pension…if there’s anything left in the kitty by then that is. That is unless you break away from that system.

It’s frightening isn’t it? I mean what a way to spend your life. Yet the majority of the population do live that way, I used to myself. We are like the fleas in the jar…although they CAN jump 200 times their height they are programmed to believe they can only jump way below that height. Their programming keeps them trapped in that jar, when they could easily escape.

Through our education years and the society we live in, sadly we have conditioned ourselves NOT to aspire to reach any heights of significance. We are living far below our capabilities. We use less than 1% of our brain power. If only we can dare to challenge our brain patterns with the thought that in our world there is an almost limitless height to ‘jump’ to.

There is nothing grand about poverty I know you agree on that, otherwise you wouldn’t be listening to what Andrew Reynolds has to say… The fact is that you will never be able to reach a height higher than you believe you can. The highest you can jump is conditioned by what you believe you can do.

Reality doesn’t come into it.

Think if you could raise your current income ceiling limit and jump it to £1,000,000 a YEAR.

That’s about £84,000 a month.

Sounds good? You can probably imagine earning that much a month. But here’s the rub…if you don’t truly BELIEVE you can earn…and note I’ve said can, not could, a subtle but vital difference…unless you absolutely know you can earn this…you aren’t gong to do it. It just won’t happen if you can’t jump that high.

The belief that you can earn a £1million a year has to be genuine and it has to be strong.

It doesn’t matter where you are today, whether you’re earning a £1,000 a month or £5,000 a month. Just look at Andrew Reynolds. Not long ago he was a salaried employee struggling to pay the bills, and further back he was living in a caravan as a child. But that child believed that everything he dreamed of would happen.

Andrew Reynolds didn’t realize it at the time, but he was refusing to put a lid on how high he could jump. He believed without any doubts that he would have all the money he wanted when he grew up. That wasn’t dreaming or wishing he’d get lucky, it was a heartfelt belief.

The result is that Andrew Reynolds earned far more than £1,000,000. To date he has banked over £30million.

This is simply because heI knew he was more than a salaried employee. Without that deep belief he would have remained an employee to this day…he would have listened to the ‘expert’ advice of business teachers and bank managers instead of ignoring it.

And then there would have been no million pound house…and he wouldn’t have other properties, or his Bentley. There would be no £1,000,000+ investments or jetting around the world in first class seats.

Rather, he’d be on the daily grind of 9 – 5 with a two week holiday to Majorca each year.

The reason Andrew Reynolds is a multi-millionaire is primarily due to the way he ‘THINKS’…absolutely nothing else. I’ll tell you exactly how he thinks. When Andrew Reynolds looked upwards 7 or so years ago he decided that his possible wealth limit stretched out into the atmosphere. He simply never saw any figure as too high. And you know, it isn’t!

For what Andrew discovered is this. Maybe you think a million pound a year income is a huge sum of money. But when you enjoy that much every year it doesn’t feel special whatsoever. Basically, it becomes your way of life.

To explain this a bit more, let’s suppose his income suddenly dropped in half to £500,000 a year. That would to him, seem like a failure. As I said before, reality has nothing to do with it. A million pounds a year is not special and neither is £500,000 a year a failure.

We label things, because it’s a way of making sense of our world. But it’s just expectations and thoughts which dictate how we feel about any situation…this is what makes the difference.

So from today, as you start a module from Andrew Reynolds course which will hopefully see you launching your online Cash on Demand business this month, I want you to do something.

I want you to look upwards and please, please take off the mental lid that has been put above you.

Recognize that any limits you have are just the result of bad programming from imagined beliefs. Set yourself free from the confines of an imagined prison.

If you can just decide that your possible wealth limit stretches out into the atmosphere, you’ll forget about false ceilings. You’ll give yourself the chance to set off on the exciting adventure a Cash on Demand business can be.

There is a wonderful world out there and it’s waiting for you to enjoy a life of glorious abundance…

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