Andrew Reynolds Most Important Elements In Marketing

Cash on Demand System Developer Andrew Reynolds explained to me recently, the techniques he uses for creating copy so hooky, it’s barbed!

One word: ‘COPY’. Write it down.

Copy is absolutely A1 critical to your cash on demand success.

Copy will take you where you want to go, to build a Million Pound a year income with a cash on demand business.


By using angles. Sales geometry…

Use angles to excite and convince reader that you have what they want and that they MUST get their hands on it ASAP!!

Andrew Reynolds teaches that it’s the job of your ‘ANGLE’, your ‘HOOK’ to GRAB a potential customer’s ATTENTION WITHIN SECONDS, in the form of the opening headline and first page or two of the copy. Andrew Reynolds copy success relies upon it!

Andrew has hundreds of these Angles detailed in his cash on demand home business course and though studying them might come across a little ‘dry’, Andrew says he has elevated many ordinary projects into Million Pound Cash on Demand Projects with killer copy and headlines.

For years he’s also been building his Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Swipe File and Copy Portfolio that he regularly turns to for inspiration. In no particular order, Andrew shared just a few of his angles with me recently. I took notes feverishly….

And so the list goes on. They’re all listed in detail in Andrew Reynolds cash on demand course. Be sure to check them out.

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