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Although inspiration is all around…the universe is a mass of ideas, I am going to tell you about a very special technique that Andrew Reynolds taught me, that he personally uses to create great sales copy and great products. And these are for his own special Cash on Demand niche markets.

When Andrew Reynolds is looking for inspiration he pulls out his swipe files, in other words his ideas files. These swipe files are full of past sales letters, ads and copy all in his market.

With a swipe file you don’t ever have to come up with anything from scratch. Andrew Reynolds encourages all his students to start collecting for their own swipe files.

Let’s look at creating sales copy first and then new product afterwards…

How do you use swipe files for your sales copy? Sift through you entire swipe files pulling out sales copy that grabs your attention…it will spark off your own creativity. It might be a headline, a bullet point list of benefits, a great guarantee idea, whatever you see that immediately hits you between the eyes, put it to one side.

Andrew Reynolds showed me how with a pad and pen, I could jot down my favourite ones and then cobble new headlines that are just as powerful as the original, from several brilliant headlines. I often find now that just reading or writing down one headline, triggers a changed version because it sparks your own creativity and alternative words pop into your mind. Try it…it’s very powerful.

I cannot tell you how easy a swipe file makes creating your own sales copy and new product. You have to do it yourself to appreciate this.

Right, so onto product…

I am assuming you already know your niche market…a market place hungry for the subject your products are all about.

You may find it useful to keep your swipe files in batches of a year. Andrew Reynolds taught me to do this and also mark which year the swipe file relates to. When you want to create a new product, you can pull out just the swipe files for the current year or add the past year to it, if there’s not enough material. The point is, it’s a guideline on the latest products being offered in your niche market.

Sift through the latest swipe files and make piles of similar products. So, for example you may end up with six pieces of copy all offering information on Buying Property Abroad and two, offering Buying Property at Home. This immediately gives you a fair idea that more people are interested in buying property abroad than at home…

I’m not saying that’s the case, it’s just an example of how you can use your swipe file to create a new product for your Cash on Demand business using what Andrew Reynolds teaches in his course.

So your swipe file can show you what niche products actually sell.

All you’ve got to do is source a similar product or adapt one yourself. Floowing what Andrew Reynolds teaches makes reeling out projects a piece of cake.

Okay, so that is how you create new product using your swipe file.

I’d like to share with you, one more piece of Cash on Demand information that Andrew Reynolds shared with me. If you’re keen to learn how to write great sales copy…and of course you don’t necessarily have to do this…you can always use a top copywriter for your sales copy…here’s a method to do just that.

Pick out a sales letter or several adverts that all appeal to you from your swipe file. Write them out copying word for word. You’re not going to use them – they’re copyrighted. However, as Andrew Reynolds explained to me, it starts to educate your mind to think in the same way as the person who wrote the words you are copying.

You begin to automatically train your mind so you end up being able to write copy in a similar style.

So, there you have it. How you can use your swipe file…your ideas file.

Recently I scanned in all the copy I’d collected for my swipe files and saved it on my PC. If you want to get rid of your cardboard boxes, this works. It creates a swipe file of display ads, classifieds, sales letters postcards etc. onto your PC. I personally turned them into PDF copies. That way I have created my own Cash on Demand swipe file.

And if you’re interested Andrew Reynolds paid $10,000 to buy a swipe file from an American lady. I wonder how much he’ll pay me for mine when its full?

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