Andrew Reynolds on How One Decision Can Turn Your Life Around

These are notes from an opening speech by Andrew Reynolds Author of the Cash on Demand course at an Entrepreneurs Bootcamp …

For Andrew Reynolds this was an extra special day, and why that is, I’ll share with you a bit further on.

First, Andrew told us how his father started every single day of twenty five years of his life…

Reynolds senior opened up his little hardware store at the bottom of the town. He got out his broom and swept off the front step. He put out the open sign and made himself a cup of coffee. Then he’d sit next to the cash register and wait for customers to come in and buy something – and he did that every day for six days a week.

Can you imagine how lonely that must have been? He couldn’t go anywhere he couldn’t leave the store unattended. So, he was stuck there on his own, just so he could feed and provide for his family. But that’s the worst part of it…despite his sacrifices the Reynolds family lived in absolute poverty. All the time Andrew Reynolds was growing up, his parents were juggling the money they made which was scant enough to feed a mouse, let alone a family with growing boys.

It wasn’t his father’s fault. At that time, all the people his Dad knew were small shopkeepers. And his father before him went down the same route. Andrew Reynolds grandfather used to run a café at one time. It was the same business routine, the same business model…sweep the doorstep, put out the open sign and sit by the cash register waiting for customers to come in. Long hours for little reward in fact both his father and grandfather died potless. It’s a travesty. It wasn’t as if they didn’t try. They gave it their all.

When Andrew Reynolds left school he worked in a series of retail shops because that’s what his family did. But it’s not a way to make money, it’s a way to balance on the sword edge of poverty.

Later, Andrew went to work for a house builder. But it was exactly the same business model. It’s as if something inside his head had been trained to think no further than retail. That was the limit of his world. Because his job with these house builders was…maybe you can already guess…it was selling houses. Andrews job, was as one of those guys that sat in the porta-cabin, waiting for people to come in and ask to see the plans and discuss buying one of the houses on that estate.

Just like his father and grandfather, sitting for hours on end, just waiting for a customer to walk in.

And just as they were, Andrew was stuck in a building. A grotty old porta-cabin, out in the middle of a field somewhere on a building site. If he did venture outside it was usually into a glop mess of mud. Oh yes, and the icing on the cake, was Andrew might make a few pounds on commission.

He reckons it still gives him nightmares – all those years at that job. After that Andrew did get promotion in the house building industry, but it was still very much the same – the whole business worked around people in porta-cabins with their ‘open’ sign, and waiting for customers to come in and hoping they are actually going to spend some money.

Andrew Reynolds probably would have continued like that until he retired. But for one thing…and that’s why today is so special… and it’s good to share this with you all…It was ten years ago exactly this weekend, he got on a plane and went to a seminar.

Making that one decision to go to the States for that seminar turned Andrew Reynolds life around…

Because he did that, in those ten years Andrew has pulled in over Thirty Million Pounds. That’s quite something isn’t it? Thirty million quid just from going to a seminar ten years ago where he learned a system for making money…for making Cash.”

That system is taught today by Andrew in his Best Selling Home Business Course – Cash On Demand

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