Andrew Reynolds on How to Break Free With This Secret of Becoming a Millionaire

It was a great read – the latest Module Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course – written while Andrew was thousands of miles away across the Atlantic – in America where he was spending some time travelling around.

Andrew had taken the opportunity to attend one or two meetings with some seriously wealthy people. Pretty amazing meetings he wrote. In fact it was at one of these meetings that Andrew met a woman who told him the most fascinating story. And he’d decided to share her story with us in the latest Module of the course.

Her remarkable story so perfectly illustrates the SECRET of becoming a Millionaire…or whatever else it is that you really want.

Now Andrew Reynolds knows this secret himself and has used it to become a Cash Millionaire within a couple of years.

But this woman’s story is a remarkable reminder…

Her life began in China. It was to be a childhood of hardships and deprivation… the real sense, not as we in the West tend to view hardships.

She had to dress up as a BOY. She was forced to behave like a boy. She even had to keep the fact that she was a girl a secret from her own father. This was her mother’s doing. But, far from being unkind she was dressing her daughter up as a boy out of the love she had for her daughter.

Because in the community they lived, women were second class citizens. They were in fact, little more than servants there to do the husband’s bidding. So, girls were not educated in the same way as boys.

Of course, as she grew up, it was impossible to hide the truth. And her life changed, she was now faced with a life WITHOUT education. She would be unable to escape her lot as a second class citizen.

It is difficult for us in the West to appreciate the impact this had on her life. Our culture is so different, we take education for granted. But, to this Chinese girl, it meant she was reduced to peasant level and was facing a life of chores, hard work and drudgery.

However, unlike most women in that part of the world, her mother had a dream for this daughter of hers; who had suffered unimaginable difficulties pretending to be a boy in such a male dominated culture. She believed that her daughter could have a better life.

She went against the accepted system of the community in which they were living, refusing to accept or play by the rules.

This mother was determined her daughter would have a proper education. She spent years of extreme determination…persevering time and time again, ignoring every door slammed in her face until finally she succeeded. She finally got her daughter into a school in the one Western part of China, which wasn’t China at that time…Hong Kong.

However, her school years were a struggle. It makes you think doesn’t it, from the time this woman was born, her life had been a struggle, all through her young childhood and yet still, in her teenage years, her life was yet again one of hardship.

With her mother’s encouragement, she managed to get through. At least she had an education. There was a glimmer of hope for a better future.

And her mother’s grit and determination, her refusal to accept the life society offered, had transferred to the daughter. As well as her education she had a firm belief that she could forge a better life for herself.

She took off for the UK in search of a better life. She wanted to find the kind of life her mother had always dreamed of for her and always believed she could have.

However, her new life went wrong, very wrong. It should have been an exciting adventure. She was young and vibrant, full of belief. But a marriage turned her life into a nightmare.

Although she had come to the UK to escape the confines of her community back home in China, the man she married had brought all of his prejudices of his culture with him to the UK. He was a traditionalist. So, here she was in the West, but tied down by the negative side of her culture back home. She was once again being treated like a second class citizen.

So, her life of hardships and deprivation continued. She asked her new husband if she could continue her education. She wanted to know more about the world. Not too much to ask you would think. Especially as she explained to him, she wanted them BOTH to have a better life. And she could see that would be possible, if she could break free from being a traditional wife.

Not too much to ask is it? A better education with the ambition to make their lives better? But this poor woman suffered regular beatings year after year from her husband…

He even beat her just because she wanted to take driving lessons. All he demanded from her was her obedience to his wishes.

Well I won’t go through everything that Andrew mentioned she told him that had happed to her, but as you can imagine, by the time she’d finished telling all of her story Andrew was completely dumbfounded. I think we’d all feel enormous sympathy for her.

But this is what shocked me the most as I was reading through the pages of the Module. This was not an old lady, reminiscing of a time in the 1920’s for example. This was a woman near Andrews age and her story began in the 1960s. She’s still a relatively young woman, she’s not yet 50 and she’s relating this life story in the 21st century.

So why was Andrew telling us about this remarkable woman?

Because she is just that. Remarkable. Despite the unbelievably difficult life she’s had, she went from nothing to become a wealthy person. And it’s all because she made use of a SECRET you posses right at this moment.

Andrew explains what that is. This petite Chinese lady explained how she always carried a ‘DRIVING FORCE’ inside her. She had a Mental Attitude to get ahead. She held a strong desire NOT to let anything or anyone around her, hold her back.

No matter what happened to her, she held a strong VISION of one day having enough wealth to break free and be her own person…

This is something I can relate to so much. And if you’ve ever attended one of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand Master Classes you will know that one of the first things he tries to get across to his students is this…

“The life you have led in the past DOESN’T have to be the ONLY life you lead…”

That is so true. And this truly remarkable woman demonstrated this so profoundly. She went from having to live a lie when a child, pretending to be a boy to being beaten by her husband just for wanting a better life to the other side and achieving that better life for herself and by her own beliefs as a successful entrepreneur. She has made Millions of Pounds in Cash.

This Chinese woman is an inspiration. And I was in total awe of her as I read her moving story. Sometimes you just see something which is humbling.

Andrew Reynolds wanted to tell you and I all about her, because it illustrates so profoundly, even dramatically the power of a secret that we all posses. Yes, YOU and I possess this secret RIGHT NOW. Yet this secret remains dormant in 99.9% of people for their entire life.

What’s the secret?

The secret is simply to CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS … to literally PROGRAMME yourself with a different ‘Blueprint’ inside.

That’s what Andrew Reynolds teaches in the Cash On Demand course

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