Andrew Reynolds On Making Extra Money with this Valuable Bonus

Andrew Reynolds taught me that adding a bonus with your product or service can at the very least treble your sales, so it’s worth doing. Here’s an easy Cash on Demand valuable bonus you can produce at a low cost.

Produce an ‘Interview with the Expert’ CD. Andrew Reynolds covers this fully in one of the modules of the Cash on Demand course. But here is the broad outline for you.

First approach an expert and ask if you can interview him/her. It’s important that their expertise is in a field related to your product or service.

For example, let’s suppose that your particular Cash on Demand business, which you’ve developed in the way that Andrew Reynolds teaches, is in the advertising field. Your customers learn all about Internet Marketing, links, running competitions etc. and how to get free advertising etc. Endless list, huge industry. So you would approach an expert in getting free advertising for instance, because this complements what you are selling. A bonus full of extra information on free advertising is of value to your clients.

You would approach the expert and ask if you can interview them and record it for a CD. This CD you give away with your product.

Why would any expert agree to do this for you? Andrew Reynolds teaches that there are ways, and here is a couple of such Cash on Demand techniques for you. You can offer them the chance to subtly pitch their product on the recording. Or, you can discuss a joint venture. Full details of how to do this in a productive way, Andrew Reynolds covers in the Cash on Demand course. But, that’s the basic idea for you.

If you’re not sure how to approach an expert, just initially email or send them a letter. Something along these lines…

“I am forecasting sales of 20,000 units of this DVD product on “How to Advertise for FREE” and I would love to interview you as the expert on ‘Free TV advertising’ during which you can use your website address and contact details as freely as you want.”

“I will record the interview onto a CD and run copies at my cost. This will expose your message to 20,000 people who, by the very nature of this product I’m selling, will be HOT for the information you are offering. This will no doubt convert to customers of yours too….”

As Andrew Reynolds says, this should at the very least get you thinking about including Valuable Bonus Expert CD’s for your Cash on Demand business.

It’s another way of making more Cash On Demand

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