Andrew Reynolds on not getting bogged down

There was a programme on TV a few years back, a documentary following the attempts of Rob Newman, the Newman half of Newman and Baddiel, before Baddiel married Frank Skinner.

Anyway, so Newman had quit comedy (was he ever funny in the first place?) and the programme basically followed his attempt to write his first novel – The Fountain At The Centre of The World. The program was AGONY to watch, absolute agony.

You see, Rob Newman spent hours, no days, no weeks, MONTHS just rearranging Post It notes on the wall, changing the idea for the plot, characters names, the book title, for this, for that. He told himself, convinced himself that he was writing the book, that’d he’d started and was up and running. In weeks and weeks of paper shuffling…. feeling busy, the guy hadn’t written a word.

Who was he trying to kid? He was procrastinating BIG TIME and it was painful viewing.

OK so he’s going to say something like. It was necessary preparation, composting his thoughts, getting under the skin of the characters. I think not. His publishers put the thumbscrews on him in the end and stopped the cash. That got the ink flowing.

Anyway so what am I getting at? What’s Andrew Reynolds got to do with a tale of Rob Newman thinking he was achieving something when really he was just messing about?

Its something Andrew Reynolds talks about in his Cash On Demand course.

The thing is, it’s not uncommon. You see it all the time. People getting bogged down. Focusing on stuff that can wait.

Andrew Reynolds teaches that you need to keep your eye on the ball. It’s SO easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and get side tracked by the ‘nitty gritty’ detail of the admin of a business.

Don’t fool yourself when you’re buying your pens, paperclips and stationary; buying a nice comfy chair and a brand new desk that you’re ‘in business’.

Simply because he’d titled himself Andrew Reynolds CEO, ironed a sharp white shirt and am sat at his new desk, bright eyed and bushy tailed, didn’t mean he was going to be wealthy.

He needed to take action.

You need learn the different aspects of what Andrew Reynolds teaches in his

Cash On Demand business course before you get hung up on admin.

Important stuff like:

The money making Cash On Demand stuff that Andrew Reynolds teaches can earn you a different lifestyle – the freedom and control that normal businesses simply don’t offer.

Leave all the dull back office stuff until later: you need to know how the business works first to start making the money.

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