Andrew Reynolds on raising Cash for Charity

As a student of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course, I recently interviewed Andrew about his first Entrepreneurs Bootcamp, an event that raised over £300,000 for the Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity.

Andrew told me that he almost stopped doing live workshops a while back. Why? Well because he got fed up with people saying, “I’ll give this cash on demand thing a go. I know it won’t work for me, but I’ll give it a go anyway.”

These people who would come up to him and say, “yeah ok I’ll spend a grand on some of that direct mails stuff, I don’t think it will work though. Cash on demand? Yeah ok maybe I’ll try the £5k workshop and see how I get on.’

And you know what? When finally, a week later, or a month later, or even twelve months later, they come back to Andrew Reynolds and say it didn’t work! No I didn’t expect it to. Have you got anything else I can try?” You know what?

I’m not in the least bit surprised.

Please, everybody. Just for one day can we just drop the negativity?

Negativity? Never got anybody anywhere. Ever.

Andrew Reynolds introduced us all to some multi-millionaires that day. They’ve made literally multi-millions of pounds or dollars just on the Internet. And I’ll tell you something – they’d never have made a penny if they’d felt they weren’t going to succeed. If they’d been like the guy who spends all his time whining on the discussion forums about how nothing he ever touches ever works.

Let’s ditch the negativity and say, “I’ll give this Cash On Demand thing a go. And I’m going to make it work. For me, for my family, for my future.”

People have said that and they’ve made a fortune. There’s a BT guy that’s made SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND CASH ON DEMAND POUNDS, just DOING what Andrew Reynolds shows you. Not sitting there thinking this cash on demand business won’t work.

Andrew Reynolds is a wealthy man now – and you can be too using what he teaches in the Cash On Demand course .

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