Andrew Reynolds on Re-branding Cash on Demand Products for Extra Profit

Andrew Reynolds taught me about rebranding in his Cash on Demand Products course.

Andrew first came across this re-branding idea when an American guy sold him a licence to reproduce a set of audio cassettes which he’d produced himself. I think I recall Andrew saying he’d paid around the $1,000 mark fro these Cash on Demand Products.

Andrew wanted to have ‘unique’ Cash on Demand Products of his own and not be in competition with anyone else, so he hit upon a simple idea. It’s the same idea he teaches all Andrew Reynolds students on his Cash on Demand Products course. All he does is change the packaging by having a new cover and often a different title. So if you searched on his product name no other competitors came up!

The product even came with ready-made sales copy. Good? I don’t think so! One thing it took Andrew Reynolds a while to understand was that sales copy handed out with licences is not a good thing – it’s a bad thing! You might think: “Wow! I’d love to have the sales copy handed to me with my Cash on Demand Products because it saves all the hassle!” Why’s it a bad thing? Because hundreds of others will have the same copy, with their Cash on Demand Products that’s why! And that means LOTS of competition.

I saw a copy of that original sales copy. It told the story of a truck driver who made $145,000 a year (or whatever) from this simple system. In fact, if you do a web search you could probably still find dozens of people offering the product with the same tired sales copy.

What allowed Andrew Reynolds to succeed was the realisation that he had to do something slightly different to everyone else out there with the same Cash on Demand products. The others were lazy. They just used the web-site handed to them by the guy, same product name, same product packaging, same sales copy. They then sat back and expected a fortune to pour into their account. Boy were they disappointed!

When he searched he found dozens of sites with exactly the same product and an identical ‘Truck Driver’ headline – there was no way all these people were going to make sales. Way too much competition – and Andrew wasn’t about to join them.

What he did was to rewrite the Cash on Demand Products sales letter (this was easy as he had a good letter as a template). He took out all the truck driver stuff, removed the picture of a truck and called the guy by his real name. The whole thing looked totally different to the original – and it was easy to do. For example, if the original headline said something like:

“USA Truck Driver Makes $145,000 a Year From This Simple Idea.”

You just change it to something like:

“How a Nerd From Silver Springs Makes £12,000.00 a Month From This Child’s Play Home Business.”

You get the idea.

The point is his Cash on Demand Products letter LOOKED different and that made it stand out from the competition. People weren’t thinking: “Oh God, not that truck driver thing again, I’ve seen that a hundred times this month…”

Now here’s the amazing thing. When Andrew Reynolds took on this audio tape product, something else came up and he didn’t even have time to do it! So he handed it to one of his Cash on Demand Product students who took it and ran with it. He ended up taking £467,890.00 from that product! If he’d left the original branding he’d have been lucky to sell one.

So please take this lesson on board. It’s not difficult or complicated. You really CAN do this!

You have all you need to re-brand your Cash on Demand products using the techniques Andrew Reynolds shows you in the Cash on Demand course.

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