Andrew Reynolds on starting a Cash On Demand business

One of students recently interviewed Andrew about his early days and his success.

When you’re starting out, it’s tough. When Andrew Reynolds started his business, he had no story to tell, no track record of success. Nobody had heard of Andrew Reynolds then. Why should they have? He was marketing some videos of a guy making a load of money in the States, telling HIS cash on demand success story, trying to build HIS OWN cash on demand success story.

Basically, he was publishing the videos and books from this guy and explaining the sorts of things he did that made him so much money working from home. That’s about all he could do to start with.

It didn’t take him too long though to identify a few head starts – ploys and techniques that he tested to great effect at the very first exhibition at which he was invited to talk at.

Andrew Reynolds spent an hour or so engaging his audience with a cash on demand Powerpoint Presentation. This was essentially a presentation about how to make £30,000 a month from home. Cash on demand features and benefits. He talked about how he had met the guy in the States, the successful business he ran and gave people as much useful information as he had. He suggested they make notes throughout the presentation. He engaged his audience taking them on a journey – a journey that presented them with their potentially wealthy future.

At the end of the one-hour talk, Andrew Reynolds made a short – only 5 or 10 minute – ‘offer’. He offered a unique product that was not available from anyone else in the UK. For anyone wanting more information further to the presentation he offered a full box of exclusive goodies, genuinely discounted from the Direct Mail offer of £200, for a ‘Show Only’ special DISCOUNTED PRICE of just £67.

What’s more he offered a FULL, 30-day money back guarantee. If you decided when got home you didn’t want the Andrew Reynolds package all you had to do was return it for a full refund.

People couldn’t get enough. They simply HAD TO HAVE his Home Based Business product.

That was his very first event. Andrew Reynolds had NO track record to talk of and very little idea what he was doing, if the truth be told. And yet people were lining up to buy his product.

Cash On Demand – literally!

It worked for Andrew Reynolds then and I’ve used it myself to bring in the cash

Use Andrew Reynolds Cash on demand system and make it work for you too.

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