Andrew Reynolds on taking a giant leap

Here’s an extract from a recent Andrew Reynolds presentation to his Cash On Demand students. In his presentation Andrew Reynolds explains the concept of conditioning in relation to his famously successful Cash On Demand system, and how, through breaking negative conditioning, we can all exceed expectations and achieve great things.

“Scientists conducted a study in the States where they put a big fat Perch at one end of a fish tank with some minnows at the other. Guess what? The Perch proceeded to swim up and down the tank and every time he felt peckish he’d swim to the other end of the tank where the minnows were cowering (or whatever frightened minnows do) and eat one.

When the scientists divided the tank with a piece of glass to separate the fish the Perch persisted in attempting to get to minnows, repeatedly banging his head on the it until eventually it got the message – trying to get to the minnows hurts.

When the scientists removed the glass they found that instead of returning to its old minnow-munching ways, the Perch instead remained at its end of the tank, believing the glass remained and fearful of a headache. The Perch had been conditioned.”

Andrew Reynolds also tells the tale of fleas kept in a box with a lid that continually bang on the underside of the lid as they jump up and down.

“After some time, when the lid is removed, instead of jumping to their full potential they only jump as high has the lid of the box they have been kept in. More conditioning. As with the Perch, the fleas had been conditioned into believing limitations – limitations that restricted their natural potential.”

Shed those negative beliefs today!

With Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system you can (metaphorically speaking) jump 200 times your own height. This year Andrew Reynolds will probably earn 200 times the national average wage. He removed all those barriers, the obstacles, real or imagined… and YOU can do the same using Cash On Demand applied POSITIVELY!“

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