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Andrew Reynolds talked live to students of his Cash On Demand course recently. In these notes, a student of Andrew Reynolds goes the through process of winning business with Cash On Demand.

Ok let’s look again at the process. Yes, sure Andrew Reynolds covers it elsewhere in the Cash on Demand modules but we need to be up to speed quickly. This is important stuff.

Right – lets look at THE Cash On Demand core – the funnel model of marketing. First of all we need all those hungry customers – a market place of people ideally with high disposable incomes all lined up at the starting line: at the top of the funnel.

People say “Ha Andrew Reynolds, it’s OK for him, his customers are wealthy they’ve got cash to burn.” Well that’s true. But ONLY because Andrew Reynolds targets and focuses on customers with relatively high disposable income. Why? Well the ideal business model is eventually to be selling high value products to a relatively low volume of clients. We’re not interested in taking a little bit of money from a lot of people. That’s hassle, that’s headaches.

This is important: we want to make a LOT of money off few customers. Customers with credit cards who won’t flinch at a £15,000 product, who won’t need to sell the family silver for a £20,000 product. Down at the bottom of our sales funnel we want to be selling for high amounts.

At the top of the funnel Andrew Reynolds teaches us that it’s all about building trust. If you want £3000 for a set of DVDs and nobody knows you from Adam (or Eve), then you won’t sell a thing. End of. Go out there with the £67 product, and you’ll pick up some customers. You’re up and running. Andrew Reynolds spent years building his reputation – now the name Andrew Reynolds is synonymous with high quality superior products.

Like I said it’s about trust so always, always offer a 30-day money back guarantee on your item.

You just need the customer to test your system. You’re going to exceed their expectations by sending them the best thing they’ve ever received, AND you’re going to send it out the same day you get the order. Build a relationship. Build trust with your front end product. You’ll make decent money sure but the BIG money is the money made on back end products once you’ve established your credentials.

Like Andrew Reynolds says. The money is in the back end product.

For example, Andrew has a box of CD’s, DVDs, books and manuals that sells for £999 plus VAT

Though the information on the CDs, DVDs and manuals may be priceless, it’s costing you something like £50 to get that box to a customer, and it’s selling for just under £700.

These high margins make it easy for someone to start and run a sustainable business using what Andrew Reynolds teaches you in his Cash on Demand course

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