Andrew Reynolds on Turning a Rough Diamond Product into a Money-Making Gem

My Home Business coach, Andrew Reynolds, talked to me about looking for ‘rough diamonds’.

Andrew Reynolds original mentor who started him on the path that led to his Cash on Demand course, lived in Arkansas in the USA. Arkansas is the only source of raw diamonds in the USA. There’s a big crater, which was caused when a meteor plummeted into the earth, depositing diamonds which scattered across this stretch of land.

In typical American style, they’ve turned this crater into a tourist attraction which has thousands of visitors every year. You can pay a small fee and go to this crater and see what diamonds you can find. There’s a gift shop that sells everything a prospector needs – shovels, watering can and special sieve for sifting the dirt to reveal diamonds.

And there’s food for the diamond prospecting tourists. In true Andrew Reynolds style, they’ve got their front end product which is you pay to mine the crater for diamonds. And they’ve got the back product, which is they provide all the tools you need for prospecting and the food and drink you need for your comfort. The deal is you get to keep any diamonds you find.

It’s an amazing sight, watching so many people scrabbling around in the dirt. Families go, so the kids can search as well. The number of tourists who go home without finding any diamonds is 99.99%. Everybody’s searching for a good sized diamond which you’ll never find.

Starting out in a Cash on Demand business using what Andrew Reynolds teaches, is for most people rather like being one of the prospectors’ at this Arkansas crater. By that I mean in the sense that many new students of the Cash on Demand course expect to be able to find a gem of a product that will make them an instant millionaire.

The phenomenal hits of any industry, are 99.99% of the time, developed or created – whichever way you like to view it – by recognizing which of the common old garden looking bits of rock, you can mould into a hit. Undeveloped ideas abound in the universe once you stop looking for the perfect diamonds.

You need to know how to polish those up so that you can make something which can make you a whole load of money. That’s what Andrew Reynolds teaches you how to do

You also need to know how to cut and polish those ideas so they can make you as much money as you want. If you want to be a multi-millionaire like Andrew Reynolds there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t be with a Cash on Demand business. But you may not want to earn that much, not everybody does. So, you set the ceiling limit and the Cash on Demand course shows you how to achieve the lifestyle and earnings you want. But, you have to look in the right place. First you have to be at the crater and then know that it’s the rough looking diamonds that you can turn into huge amounts of money.

Andrew Reynolds explains this in more practical terms, so you can fully understand where he’s going with this for you. Back in 1998 Andrew bought the reprint rights to a set of three video tapes. The packaging didn’t look special at all – like a rough diamond. These video tapes were recorded seminars of his mentor. They were titled, “Product Development For Profit.” Good content but the title is pretty boring, don’t you think? It doesn’t really grab you.

This American guy is very hot on selling this sort of product. And he sold the same video tapes he sold to Andrew Reynolds, with reprint rights to at least a thousand other people. I’m not completely sure how many exactly, but that’s near enough the number and I just want to tell you what happened. With this set of three video tapes also came website templates so Andrew could begin selling the product on the Internet right away.

However, so could thousands of other people. Andrew had purchased the reprint rights to a product which had thousands of competitors. It was everybody and his dog wanting to sell, “Product Development For Profit.” It was just like in the crater all those prospectors digging for diamonds.

(If you want to check this out, I did a Google search the other day on, “Product Development For Profit” and found somebody trying to sell it for 97 bucks. They were still using the same old website).

Remember, when Andrew Reynolds first purchased this product he was a novice at business, not just this business but any. He had never before worked for himself. He had spent years living the pressure of corporate life working for house builders, traveling up and down the country to meetings that often started at nine in the morning and were hundreds of miles from the office.

Anyway, he thought this is not going to work. He’d got to find another way to do this.

From his efforts Andrew discovered the art of re-branding a product. He attempted to make his product different. Iit was pretty basic but what he did was to put some different sleeves on the videos. He took one of the videos from the three and played it through his hi-fi at home and copied it onto an audio tape. As he had reprint rights he could do this. He handed his master tape over to a company who advertised in the back of the Melody Maker, called ‘Sounds Good’. They copied the master onto other audio tapes for him.

It was all pretty basic, but he had bonus audio tapes. Andrew Reynolds was the only one in the thousand or so other people selling the three video tapes who had a bonus audio tape as well. So just to recap, he had different covers on the video tapes, and a bonus audio tape. He had re-branded his product.

Of course, now it would be DVD’s and CD’s. It’s more sophisticated now, but the principle is still the same. Today Andrew might put together a nice little cover to slip into the box and then use the same pictures to reproduce labels, so the product is smart and polished.

Andrew Reynolds teaches a lot more about the art of re-branding in his Cash on Demand course. If you decide to get reprint rights to a product re-brand it, make it different. If you polish it up that rough diamond can become a real gem.

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