Andrew Reynolds opening speech Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

I watched intently as Andrew Reynolds came on stage at the Bootcamp. The stage was in darkness – save for one spotlight piercing through the blackness.

Andrew Reynolds introduced himself. Over the last 10 years he’d made more than £30,000,000 with a variety of Cash on Demand style products.

He asked us all a quick question – which was roughly .

“Are you here today to listen to me talk to you about survival? Making ends meet? Scraping enough together to just survive? About existing, not living? About balancing on the poverty line? “


That’s a shame. You see, I’m an expert. There’s nothing about the frustration and disappointment of the poverty line that I don’t know. I could tell you everything you ever wanted to know – it’s in my blood.”

It seems Andrew Reynolds father… his poor old dad as he calls him… everyday once he’d swept off the front step of his little hardware store, put out the ‘open’ sign and made himself a cup of tea he’d sit next to his till and wait. Six days a week just waiting for people to come in and spend enough money for him to maintain his almost impossible balance on the poverty line.

Andrew Reynolds father never made a penny and by the time he passed away he was a broken man. It wasn’t his fault. It was the way things were. The way things still are. Thousands, millions of shopkeepers and small business people sit waiting for their customers, their wealth and their future to come to them.

Reynolds grandfather was the same, only the environment was slightly different. He wasted his life running a café. Same business model, same frustration and same waste of a life.

Andrew Reynolds followed in the family footsteps too, at first. His cell, as opposed to a shop or a café was a Portacabin. It was history repeating itself, sadly and slowly.

Every morning Andrew Reynolds would sweep the mud off the step, put out the ‘open’ sign out, sit at my desk and he’d wait. Who knows he might even make a few pounds commission.

Thank heavens he managed to do something about it though.

Ten years ago Andrew Reynolds got on a plane and he went to a seminar. A seminar in the States.

Tens year later and over thirty million pounds richer he explains how he broke the cycle of poverty and how he the made that £30,000,000 with a system that is now the Best Selling Home Business Course on The Entrepreneur Channel on Sky TV – Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course.

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