Andrew Reynolds product feedback and how to get it

learnt a lot from exhibiting at Trade Shows.

Shortly after Andrew Reynolds first started his cash-on-demand business he had the chance to take a booth at a 3-day trade fair at the Birmingham NEC. The show was aimed fairly and squarely at the ‘Business Opportunity’ industry. All Andrew Reynolds was marketing at that time were some Video Tape Products that he’d licensed from the States. Believe you me the aspiring Andrew Reynolds then was long way from the multi millionaire Andrew Reynolds enjoying massive cash on demand success today, however despite his naivety and inexperience (Andrew admits he knew less than nothing about trade shows) he leapt at the opportunity.

I bet he’s glad he did!.

Not that Andrew Reynolds knew it at the time but trade fairs can be great investments in many ways. In addition to potentially taking plenty of orders there and then, you can test products, see what inspires and what flops.

Perhaps the most valuable thing about trade shows though is the Instant feedback on offer. It can offer you subtle insights into your product and reveal things you might never have been able to know otherwise. I’ll give you a killer example that Andrew mentioned to me later

If you’re at the right fair for your niche then the visitors should represent your EXACT TARGET MARKET. In the case of Andrew Reynolds NEC show that was certainly the case. Thousands of highly qualified prospects … all coming to me … Andrew didn’t even have to go out looking for them. Access to such a highly targeted group of potential buyers would cost me thousands of pounds, through traditional methods, such as direct mail.

Ok so there he was at his first ever Trade Show literally surrounded by visitors HOT for Andrews type of product. Fantastic.

So…….. back to the instant feedback……(and in fact the seeds of the whole cash-on-demand system that were sown at the NEC). A system that would go on to make Andrew Reynolds a Multi-Millionaire.

This is how it panned out. Basically….. all these qualified visitors that came to his booth seemed to home in on just ONE of Andrews videos

How much is that tape there? The Lazy Mans Way to Make Money? Can I buy just that video?”

Andrew was asked the self same questions over and over.

It was amazing – the sudden realisation of the power of a title. In reading Andrew Reynolds customers interest in that ONE title he was defining his next steps, Andrews success. Their feedback was cash on demand gold dust!

And the next show? Andrew ALREADY knew that the market would buy ‘The Lazy Mans Way to Make Money’ so that’s what he pushed and he went on to sell thousands of that tape set. And since then Andrew Reynolds has used similarish titles on loads of incredibly successful products – all thanks to the instant feedback he received at his very first trade show and the great idea it gave Andrew for a Cash On Demand product.

A quick appeal…….Look…….. I know some people get nervous or a little shy when it comes to things like trade shows but please…….. trust me on this one. Before you give it the “trade shows? Nah, not my scene” brush off, please just trust me and check out this particular Andrew Reynolds Module. Honestly there’s some really vital information that you can use on other cash-on-demand techniques he’s talked about in the past. I mean it, I wouldn’t be being so insistent if I didn’t feel this was important info.

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