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Cash On Demand author Andrew Reynolds talked to me recently about finding a unique Brand New Cash on Demand Product which no one else in the world can market … and doing it from scratch.

How does Andrew Reynolds you get most of his products? Easy. He adopts The Lazy Way to become a Millionaire approach :-)

Andrew Reynolds uses products that other people have already gone to all the time and trouble of developing and creating, nurturing, cherishing. Ready-made licensed products. Then he plasters a new name and artwork ALL over them.

Acquiring the rights to other people’s products is as easy as using a fulfilment company to handle the rest as you collect the cash. That’s exactly the cash on demand sweet spot that Andrew Reynolds aims to lead you to.

You can, with a little more time and effort, put together some products from scratch yourself. More hassle to start with BUT it’ll be your UNIQUE product and the potential cash return is MUCH better.

Using what Andrew Reynolds teaches you’ll be able to market that product and price it any how you like. You’d even be able to move into the MASSIVELY PROFITABLE area of providing Master Licences, or Resale Licences to other individuals. It’s a very popular way of making money. Andrew Reynolds both licences cash on demand products AND licenses products from others too.

The quickest and simplest way is to take inspiration from products that already exist in an area you’re interested in. Do your own version.

Don’t copy. Take inspiration.

Andrew shows you how to create a CD Audio Set. It could generate up to £1,000,000 for you with professional looking DVD, Video, Audio CD, or Digital Products.

Andrew showed us live on stage how to develop a product that you can plug into your cash on demand system immediately and begin marketing and making money with straight away. Remember that many of the elements involved in a scratch cash on demand product you will use from time to time… even with ready-made products.

Yeah, you to turn CHEAP, OLD or FREE product into a NEW high profit project. I mean it’s easy and fun. Like transforming a few FREE eBooks into an impressive, expensive Audio CD Set, which you could market for, say, £197.

DVD, and Digital Niche Products are great scratch products. I’ve come across a number of Multi-Million Pound marketers like Andrew Reynolds who started their businesses in exactly that way.

Not only is it easy but it also allows you to sidestep the sometimes ‘niggly’ issue when you start your business of NOT having a “How-To Style Success Story” to tell yourself.

How does that work? You simply tell other people’s stories!

When Andrew Reynolds started out he met a guy earning an absolute fortune. The guy, in just 1 hour a month, was making over $1million a year (continued in the Cash On Demand Course)

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