Andrew Reynolds Shows his Students a Success Technique

Notes taken from Andrew Reynolds live presentation on stage teaching his techniques to his Cash On Demand course students.

Andrew Reynolds started his home based business in 1998. Before that, he was just an ordinary guy with a three bed semi on a local estate. Andrews life changed the day he decided to do something about swapping this mundane life for the one he had always dreamed of as a boy.

So, Andrew started reading all the books he could about positive thinking, money making methods, you name it, he read it. Here Andrew Reynolds shares with you something he found that works. This really, really works as you will see.

This is what he did and you’ll want to make some notes here… Andrew put together a five year plan for his life which ended up as a wish list.

So, on a piece of paper Andrew wrote the following…

That by the 20th of October 2002, he would have, – , not ‘he quite fancied’ or ‘wouldn’t it be nice’, but he ‘ WILL HAVE’ a house worth at least half a million pounds paid for in cash.

What you write down at the top of your wish list could be totally different you just adapt this for yourself. And remember, when Andrew wrote that down, he was working for house builders. When he was up in the loft looking for that photograph that he showed his audience, Andrew found a letter from his old boss. They offered him a job for £28,500 a year. That was about 1993. So, Andrew Reynolds wasn’t earning oodles of money, his life was pretty standard.

At the time his home was a three bed semi, so buying a house for half a million cash was a completely impossible amount of money to raise. I want to jot down the word, impossible. Because today, when you write down your wish list, you want to aim for the impossible.

It’s no good putting down for instance you’re going to buy a detached house for £500,000 when you already live in a £350,000 house. That’s a feasible goal taking your present situation. There’s no point in writing down you’ll make an extra ten grand this year.

Andrew Reynolds teaches us to make our wish list BOLD. Write down a list of the things you have always wanted. If you can’t think of many, go back to your childhood. What did you used to dream about? That should help you, in fact before you know it, your list could have ten things on it. That’s okay.

Right, so going back to Andrew Reynolds wish list, …the second item was, Andrew wanted to have half a million pounds in the bank. So, by the 20th October 2002, according to his wish list Andrew would have a million pounds…half a million for the house and half a mill in the bank. Of course that meant he had to earn £2million to be able to keep the jolly old tax man happy.

And Andrew wrote this down when he was in a job that a few years earlier was paying him £28,500 a year. How the hell was he going to get that much cash together? He had absolutely no idea. But, Andrew Reynolds kept that piece of paper in his bedside cabinet for the next five years.

He also added to his wish list, that he would have a top of the range BMW, he would have a housekeeper and a gardener as he hates gardening.

That was Andrew Reynolds full wish list that he wrote out, that was his five year plan.

Now I believe what I’m going to tell you next is an important part of why Andrew Reynolds wish list worked for him. It’s a personal thing to Andrew, but I want to tell you, so that you have every bit of the method that worked for him.

Andrew treated that piece of paper, with some sort of sense of reverence…

I’ll explain a bit more on this. Andrew was born the grandson of a local church preacher. He’s not a particularly religious person, but his Grandfather taught him as a little kid to pray every night. So that’s what he kinda did, that way he built that sense of reverence into his wish list.

Every night before he went to bed, Andrew would read that list out loud to himself. Don’t worry if anyone hears you, they’ll just think you’ve gone completely bonkers. Andrew used to get it, “What’s he doing? He’s reading his list.”

Here’s Andrew Reynolds finished list,

By the 20th of October 2002, I will have:

And Andrew read that out loud for five years. Almost every night.

And now let me tell you the results of that wish list, so you can see how it works…

On the 2nd of September 2002, so it happened a bit early, Andrew moved into a new house, which he actually paid £1Million for (The property price had gone up since he put his wish list together and asked for a £500,000 house :- )

Andrew had MUCH more than £500,000 in cash….he had a top of the Range 7-series BMW paid for in cash….he had a housekeeper and a gardener….

Amazing isn’t it? Every single thing he asked for he got. How cool is that?

Andrew Reynolds hasn’t stopped writing wish lists – because, as he puts it, it’s just great to think you only have to ask for something and believe absolutely that you’ll get it,….. and you get it.

Today you’ll want to write down your wish list, don’t forget to make sure they are all impossible wishes. Just like Andrews list.

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