Andrew Reynolds Shows How Free Membership Increases Your Income

Andrew Reynolds told me about this friend of his in the USA who sells a niche package online. His friend sells a simple ‘How To’ course. On the order form he offers a FREE bonus. Andrew explained this is what his friends bonus is…”Just tick the box if you’d like to receive three months free membership worth $89 a month…”

According to this friend, he told Andrew Reynolds that 66% of people ordering tick the box. After three months, unless they cancel, their paid-for subscription kicks in.

As Andrew Reynolds said, he knew it worked because when he purchased this product over a year ago, he’d ticked the box. Andrew explained that a year later, his friend in the USA still receives $89 A MONTH from him, because he never bothered to cancel. And he said, “He never had to sell me the benefits of subscribing. He didn’t have to do a thing. He just asked me to tick the box if I would like his FREE three month bonus.”

It’s a neat marketing technique that gives value to your clients and therefore increases your income.

There’s another version of this marketing model that Andrew Reynolds shared with me. And that is the FREE TELESEMINAR a month. The bonus is a £99 Teleseminar each month – free for the first three months.

This is how the Teleseminar’s work, that Andrew Reynolds runs for his Cash on Demand students… Each month the client gets a letter or email with the full details of the time, date, access codes etc for the Teleseminar. If they decide not to cancel this then it costs them £99 a month, but only from the fourth month onwards.

It’s something you can do…it’s another little ‘extra’ to improve the profits from your Cash on Demand business…

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