Andrew Reynolds Shows How Starting on a Shoestring Pulls in £3,000 a Week

Andrew Reynolds teaches many different marketing methods in his Cash on Demand course. In Module 6, he teaches a mini Cash on Demand system that means you can start marketing on a shoestring.

The way Andrew teaches it in the module also makes it easy to understand and to carry out. But here it is in the briefest of outlines…

As Andrew will tell you, first you find a product. Tens of thousands of products exist and if you doubt this, just go and look on the Internet. If you’re a student of the Cash on Demand System, you’ll know about this anyway as Andrew will have already told you.

Next you set up a very, very basic website. Do it simply and easily by using FREE software in the way Andrew Reynolds teaches in his Cash on Demand course.

The third step is to use free publicity to advertise your product. The way to do this is by writing Press Releases.

As Andrew Reynolds explains, when your press releases are printed in newspapers or magazines, they often appear as editorial. This means that instead of being printed as an advertisement, they are an interesting article for the publication’s readers.

After reading your ‘article’…which is your free advertising…a number of readers will be interested enough in your product to want to buy it. Just as an idea off the top of my head, maybe your product is an exercise DVD. Readers of any of the publications in which your press release appears as an article, who want to order your exercise DVD will visit your website to order a copy online.

It’s a simple way of making money…no face to face selling you just sit back and wait for the orders.

As Andrew Reynolds will tell you this mini Cash on Demand Free Advertising System will work for virtually ANY product.

In Module 6 of the Cash on Demand system, Andrew Reynolds shows A LIVE EXAMPLE OF A LADY WHO MAKES AROUND £3,000 A WEEK using this no advertising costs technique. And as Andrew Reynolds explains, that £3,000 a week could easily be increased to £10,000 a week just by adding a couple more products. And that’s besides other mini Cash on Demand systems Andrew Reynolds teaches in other modules of the course.

Andrew Reynolds makes a small fortune from selling products, using this Free method of advertising. As he teaches, it works very well for information products like CD’s, DVD’s, eBooks, books, software etc.

In Module 6 of the Cash on Demand Course, Andrew Reynolds actually shows you what he means, by demonstrating how he markets one of his own products.

But I don’t want you to run away with believing Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system only works by selling information products. As Andrew will tell you himself, his full Cash on Demand system will work for almost any product. And he tells you during the course, what types of products do work and why, so you understand fully how this business works.

Andrew Reynolds has made over £30million using his Cash on Demand system. It worked the first time he used it and has done EVERY TIME since….

In Module 6, Andrew Reynolds demonstrates something that most newcomers don’t expect…I know I didn’t. And that is how often, when you send a Press Release…as long as you get it right of course…a publication will print it WORD FOR WORD as an article. Editors are busy people and they have a lot of pages to fill for their readers.

Andrew Reynolds shows you, in Module 6, exactly what appeared in a magazine when he sent a press release on an information product. They turned it into a full blown article, printing what Andrew wrote word for word. And he demonstrates this for all of his students reading Module 6.

So, if you’re ready to get started on learning Andrew Reynolds shoestring method of Cash on Demand marketing….

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