Andrew Reynolds student creates £117,000 of free advertising

Andrew Reynolds, award-winning businessman spoke at the World Internet Summit about Free Advertising and his Cash On Demand project. Here one of his students recalls the presentation

People often ask, “How did Andrew Reynolds get started? People assume that you have to be amazingly confident to go out there and ask for joint ventures to promote this stuff to people’s lists.”

I tell them it wasn’t like that no, the Andrew Reynolds then was certainly not the Andrew Reynolds you see on TV today. He was really shy when he started. Just him in his spare room, an old 486 computer and a crummy printer. So how did he move on? How did he stop being the newbie Andrew Reynolds and become the successful Andrew Reynolds who ends up talking to people live at conferences and workshops?

Andrew Reynolds built a track record. To start with he used some really, really, really cheap ways of building his database. Literally his first marketing was a minute little ad in the newspaper.

With a bit of a track record, he could then go to people and say, “I’ve got this product… you put it out, you make triple your money. Or make four times the money” or whatever it was. Doesn’t take long get people’s attention like that.

Honestly Andrew Reynolds didn’t have a clue when he started until he started to see the value in FREE. Especially free advertising. How many people would like to get a pile of advertising for free and use that to start building the database list? Who wouldn’t?

Take Andrew Reynolds personal trainer, for example, Mike. He’s an ordinary 62-year old guy. Great at his job, knows loads about nutrition, weight, fitness. He knows how effective Andrew Reynolds is at generating free publicity but he simply didn’t think he could do it.

Well he was wrong.

I’ll tell you how wrong he was.

He landed.

Mike got the equivalent of £117,000 worth of advertising at a grand cost of £0 – totally FREE, using only what Andrew Reynolds teaches in the Cash On Demand course.

And the beauty of not paying for adverts? The beauty of PR is that you get SIX TIMES more response if you use PR because the magazine’s actively supporting your product, your project and there’s nothing at the top of the page saying ’Advert’.

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course contains loads of great advice on how to make every opportunity of all the FREE publicity that’s out there – free publicity that will build your database to earn your cash on demand fortune.

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