Andrew Reynolds Student Earns £25,000 a month with this

The story of how one fellow student of Home Based Business coach Andrew Reynolds made over £25,000 a month within 6 months of starting his own business in his spare room

First, I’m going to tell you about my fellow student’s background, because it’s relevant.

When Andrew Reynolds first met him, the guy was at a crossroads in his life. His fortieth birthday was looming and he was unhappy that life was slipping away without his achieving even one of his dreams.

He was wondering what life was all about. Like so many people, he was stuck in a job that just about paid the bills. He couldn’t manage without credit cards to help him meet the costs after paying an exorbitant mortgage on a relatively ordinary three bedroom house.

He couldn’t see a way out. What made it worse was he couldn’t stand his job. So he took the plunge and in a bid to earn more money and find freedom he started his own traditional business.

But it didn’t work out for him. He quickly found himself just as trapped as before. Only now he was working even longer hours than when he was an employee. And although he could have taken a holiday without asking a boss, he didn’t have the time. He couldn’t afford to be away from the business.

He discovered – as have so many people – that running a traditional business is no fun. He had wanted freedom, but the business tied him down. He wanted to be free of stress, but the business was more stressful than being an employee, because it was all down to him to pay the huge business overheads on top of his own living expenses. And then there were staff problems.

So this man was completely disillusioned with running a business. He was very unhappy and frustrated with life. This is the point in his life that I met him.

I’ll tell you now how that happened. Out of the blue he received an invitation to a Home Based Business seminar at which Andrew Reynolds was the key speaker. He was desperate to find a better way to live. And he was searching for it. So he was at the Andrew Reynolds seminar hoping to find a way of living without struggling day in and day out. He wanted to live a contented life full of abundance and he wanted that for his family.

It seems he’d been searching for more than a year to find an answer to his need. So far he’d had no luck.

Andrew Reynolds wholeheartedly felt for this guy when he told him this, especially when he went on to explain that in the past year, he’d paid into just about every crazy idea there was. He was so desperate he was willing to try anything to change his life around.

He’s not unusual. In fact I can remember being in the same position myself, when I was stuck in the treadmill of corporate life. Lots of people try the get rich quick route, until they discover it simply doesn’t work.

After he finished telling Andrew Reynolds about his foray into these schemes, he voiced the thought that maybe the Internet would give him the lifestyle he desired. It would be a business where he could choose when to work, no employees, automatic payments and the business could run on autopilot. But despite trying out every Internet connected business you could think of, he wasn’t getting any results. Email selling, online auctions, gaming, ebooks, affiliate programs, publishing, he’d given them all his best shot and yet nothing was working for him.

Its not surprising that nothing was working. I’ve seen all there was about using the Internet to make money and I knew that 99% of it doesn’t work.

But saying that I also know people personally who were making a great deal of money from the Internet. They were making millions of pounds although none of these were businesses you could start overnight.

However, Andrew Reynolds teaches a way that you can make over £150,000+ on a regular basis, through the Internet. It wasn’t in a way this guy had ever come across though. It was based on something that Andrew tested with his Cash on Demand system. And that test was making me large sums of money.

And recently Andrew had also worked out a really simple method of adapting this technique which would only need a small amount of money to start it up. Despite the low start up cost, he estimated it could bring in between £15,000 to £20,000 every month on average.

Now, it was nothing compared to the millions of pounds Andrew Reynolds was banking with his FULL Cash on Demand system, but considering the low start up cost of around £150 to test it, this equaled high returns on a low investment.

It was and still is to this day a very simple technique of using the Internet to make a decent income with relatively small effort. The best thing of all, it is totally overlooked by virtually everyone else.

What Andrew did, was to invite this man over to his office the following week. There he showed how to do this on the Net for himself. The guy was so disillusioned about the whole business of finding a way of making good money from the Internet, a technique that actually worked Andrew wanted to prove it could be done. And he wanted to do that personally.

He was honest with the guy. He told him straight that what he was going to show him that with the Cash on Demand system he had the potential to net £20,000+ per month within 6 months.

Exactly the same as Andrew Reynolds showed him is now available for you to copy in modules 4 and 5 of the Cash on Demand course.

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