Andrew Reynolds system of business compared to old school retail business

Cash On Demand author Andrew Reynolds talks about the pitfalls of traditional business whilst highlighting the benefits of the cash on demand style of business

“In preparing for this workshop, I’ve been of looking back and going over some of my memories, my earliest experiences, personal stuff. If you’re familiar with my materials before, or maybe have been to Bootcamp or studied some Cash On Demand modules you’ll probably know that the wealthy, successful Andrew Reynolds you see here before you now, grew up in relative poverty.”

Andrew Reynolds as a kid was raised in Winchester by a father, who for most of his life struggled running a little hardware store. Life was tough.

In the days before Andrew Reynolds created the cash on demand business model EVERYTHING seems to have been stacked against his dad. I mean, take credit for example.

These days you want something and don’t have the cash, what do you do? That’s right – you stick it on the plastic. Don’t get me wrong – there’s good credit and there’s bad credit. Andrew Reynolds has got a mate who has to have the latest MP this, the latest flat screen that, clothes, gadgets – and every year he insists on having the latest car model.

He’s a salesman’s dream – he’s top of the Christmas Card list at the local Audi dealer sure enough. Unfortunately now he has a bad credit situation because all his indulgences are creating a massive hole in his finances and he’s having to run to stand still.

Now Andrew Reynolds confesses too….he’s used credit cards too. Big time. In fact once when he was in the States at a seminar he splashed out over $30,000 on materials from Dan Kennedy. Bad credit? Hardly! That investment went on to earn Andrew Reynolds over £1,000,000. That’s what I call good credit!

Now Andrew Reynolds poor old Dad didn’t have the benefit of his customers having access to credit either good or bad. He had to wait weeks sometimes for his customers to have loans approved. In fact he had to do lots of waiting. Most of his life was waiting. 25 years stood behind his counter, staring out the window waiting for a customer to come by and decide that there was something they needed. What a waste! And if he wasn’t stood in the shop waiting, bored, he was out delivering. Spending money on a vehicle and fuel pottering around Winchester dropping stuff off at his expense. Crazy.

It’s not like that with a cash on demand business. Not only do customers make instant decisions and pay you instantly but when Andrew Reynolds sells a product to, say, the USA, all he does is call Fed EX or TNT and they come, pick it up and deliver it for him. Easy.

Of course, Andrew Reynolds Dad didn’t have a computer then. He was physically tied to the shop. Now Andrew runs his cash on demand business with just a laptop from anywhere in the world. FREEDOM.

What Andrew Reynolds teaches you, my friends, can change your world, okay? Totally revolutionise your outlook on life. Andrew Reynolds WANTS a Cash On Demand business to fundamentally improve your future. That’s his sole aim ….

To change the way you think about doing business.

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