Andrew Reynolds System Provides You With Cash When You Want It

Andrew Reynolds is the author of the bets seller Home Business course aptly named Cash on Demand. Andrew first wrote it down to show the system he had personally developed and was using himself to pull in money when he wanted it.

Andrew still uses the Cash on Demand system whenever he wants money and so do many students. Some of his students have pulled in well over a £1million pounds using his Cash on Demand system. And in fact, at the last big bootcamp at Bournemouth, one of his students stood on the stage and explained exactly how he had made £3million pounds come into his bank account over the last three years, from his Cash on Demand business.

This idea of earning money when you want it, may on the surface seem a bit unusual so Andrew Reynolds explains just why he developed this Cash on Demand system.

Andrews dear old dad ran a traditional business. He had a hardware shop. And six days a week, he’d wait around for customers to pop along to his shop for their DIY needs. Sometimes, he’d wait in all morning for a customer. And this customer would then only want something small like a two inch paintbrush, or a packet of sandpaper. Not surprising his shop nearly went bust several times.

Many traditional businesses are run on that same basis…waiting for the customer to come in to buy. This means that the customer is running your business. You’re spending your life waiting around for them to make a purchase of whatever it is you’re selling.

Having seen the devastating results of this mode of trading, Andrew Reynolds was determined to turn the tables and put the businessman in charge. So, the customer gets what they want, but the businessman is controlling the situation.

As I am sure you can appreciate it took many years of study, of trial and error, until Andrew met a guy from America who was doing just this. He became Andrew Reynolds mentor.

The result is Andrews Cash on Demand course which shows a business model that completely turns the tables on the usual business concept. In Andrew Reynolds business which has been fine tuned now – he – not the customer decides when he wants the money to come in. The Cash on Demand course shows you step by step exactly how to do this.

But this is the broad outline of how it all works. Andrew Reynolds gets a group of hungry customers lined up ready to spend. And just like in a race when he’s ready, he fires the starting pistol… in other words he puts his product in front of these hungry customers…hungry that is for what service or product he is offering them.

How different is that from the traditional business method? Andrew Reynolds is not hanging around waiting for the customers he simply put s his product in front of them…when he chooses to.

The second major difference with running a Cash on Demand business and traditional methods, is that Andrews projects have a finishing line. He controls both ends of the sales process…he starts it when he chooses and he ends it when he chooses too.

Andrew Reynolds just didn’t want to be like his dad, waiting around hours on end in a shop hoping someone may wander in. Andrew wants to know that…say, in the next 5 days he will make some money. Then he closes down the offer and does something else with his life.

This gives Andrew the freedom to spend his time doing whatever it is he wants to, and when he wants to. This is a completely different way of looking at business. And it can give you total freedom, because you make the choice when to get involved with making money.

If you can imagine this, a Cash on Demand business is where when YOU decide you want some money …you go out and get it. When you want to take time off, you take it.

Andrew Reynolds showed this business model to a TV crew last year. And they didn’t really believe it, so they set him a challenge. It was to bring in over £500,000 in less than a week using the Cash on Demand system.

I wish you could have seen the face of the journalist, it was a picture, when right before his eyes, he watched as Andrew downloaded line after line of ‘online’ orders.

When Andrew says that you don’t have to wait around for your customers, in this instance, when the money was pouring into his account for this particular Cash on Demand project, Andrew was away from his PC, shopping in Paris. Can’t get much better can it?

And you could do this. That’s the beauty of the Cash on Demand system it does what it says on the tin. It allows ANYONE using the system to bring in Cash…when they want it…on demand!

All Andrew Reynolds does is three major projects a year. And because he has made so much money from his Cash on Demand style businesses, it allows Andrew to do one of those projects for charity each year. You could follow in his footsteps

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