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Andrew Reynolds, my Home Based business mentor, told me “I’m always getting emails from people saying it’s all right for you Andrew, you’ve made a fortune. And time and time again I have people telling me, ‘You’re lucky, Reynolds.’

From an early age I was programmed to fail. Other emails I get are from people telling me, they’re from a working class family who’ve always been employees. Nobody in their family has ever had a business.

I really wanted to find a way to demonstrate that it doesn’t make a difference. No matter what your background is like, I want to get across to every student of my Cash on Demand system, that you CAN change your life.

I want to show what you need to do to change your life. Hopefully, what I’m going to share with you, will help you to do that…and start you on the road to the millionaire mindset.”

Here’s what Andrew Reynolds taught me

Andrew Reynolds grandfather used to have his own company. He ran a big cleaning operation in Liverpool. Maybe you know the Liver Building in Liverpool? It’s a big building on the waterfront in fact it’s huge. Well, his grandfather used to have a cleaning contract for that building.

However, he went bust. In fact every single business he tried went bust. His grandfather was a failed business man. Sadly he ended his days in a tiny one bedroom flat, penniless and living off the state.

Andrew Reynolds father, God rest his soul, died in poverty. He ran a hardware shop during the years Andrew was growing up, which went nearly bust several times.

In fact by the time Andrew Reynolds was an adult, it was burnished on his brain that every person in his family who went into business was destined to go bust.

So, if we follow the logic that a working class background or deprived childhood condemns you to failure…well, let’s face it… Andrew Reynolds was destined to be a failure.

So, why didn’t Andrew fail? Why has he banked over 30.5 million in the last few years and how is it he can pay himself a wage of £2,000,000 a year?

Andrew Reynolds teaches this…when we’re born we come into this world equipped with everything we need to make all of our aspirations come true. We are like a blank sheet of paper.

We’re a pure form of perfection if you like, because nobody has planted anything in our minds. But as soon as we’re born, that changes. From that second we are bombarded by all of this stuff. And I’m not knocking this, because everybody does their best for you.

Our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, all the family members, usually have your best interests at heart. They genuinely want you to have a good life. However, they can only fill your head with the stuff they’ve learned.

And it’s the same when we go to school. Teachers, genuinely try to equip you for the world, with the best information they can give you. But of course their best information is stuff they’ve learned, it’s their programming.

At school for example, teachers used to say to Andrew, “Stop dreaming!”

Stop dreaming?? Geez! “Take your head out the clouds, son!” they’d say.

That’s the kind of programming for your brain, that they’re teaching. At school, they made him write out lines, I will not ask stupid questions.

Why the hell not? Why wouldn’t he ask stupid questions??

Andrew had to write it out a hundred times, that’s a hundred times his brain was getting the message “I shouldn’t have an enquiring mind”…

As you’re growing up, your head is being filled with all these do’s and don’ts in life. And for every 30 don’ts there’s just ONE yes you can do.

We’re all taught at school that success is the result of hard work and sacrifice. Stop and think about just that one piece of programming…what do you think our brain tells us when we’re adults? If something is too easy, well it’s not going to be successful. How can it be? Your brain’s programming knows that success only comes from hard work and sacrifice.

Do you think that all those children who go to private schools paid for by rich parents are told this? No way!

Andrew Reynolds went to college to learn about business, he blagged his way in just scraping through. Looking back, it was the biggest waste of two years of his life. Most of the people teaching him were failed business people. The guy teaching him law wasn’t a successful lawyer. And the guy teaching economics, couldn’t have made a quid if his life depended on it.

When you go to work, you learn how to do the job from colleagues who teach you based on what they know. You get input from your parents.

Andrew Reynolds remembers that when he got back from America 11 years ago with some video tapes of this guy that he’d seen at a seminar teaching how to make Cash on Demand with a home business. He told his dad, “That’s gonna make a fortune, dad.” And he said, “Andrew, that ain’t gonna work, son. You want to get a proper job.”

He was trying to help me. But his advice was solely based on his own business experiences. He had failed and his father had failed at every business they’d tried. So, his natural reaction to the Cash on Demand style of business was, it’s going to fail.

His experience of running a business was totally different to a Cash on Demand business. He automatically thought of business in terms of a shop, with stock and big overheads and living in poverty.

Even though Andrew showed him that running a Cash on Demand business was completely different…there is no shop, no stock, no big overheads, he still decided it wouldn’t work. He said, “Not going to be very profitable! You and your bloody big ideas!”

People around you teach you based on what they’ve learned in the past. They fill your head with toxic nonsense. Over the last year, Andrew Reynolds has been desperately, desperately trying to come up with a way that he could help people to get rid of all this nonsense, the garbage that’s been programmed into their heads.

The Cash on Demand course is the first time he’s shared this publicly because it’s quite a private thing. But he’s doing it because he genuinely believes it will help you to change your life using the Cash on Demand techniques you’ll learn from the course…”

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