Andrew Reynolds teaches marketers to sell three types of products

Cash On Demand Author Andrew Reynolds talked live on stage recently about the three types of products sold by Cash On Demand marketers

If you’re new to Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course jot this stuff down, If you’ve read your Cash On Demand Modules you’ll already be up to speed on this of course. You’ll know that there are just three types of products worth selling here.

Right…. we’ve got paper products – the books manuals, workbooks, that sort of thing. We’ve got the Digital products, such as CDs and DVDs, podcasts now even. They’re hot. And finally we’ve got the workshops, live events, that sort of thing. So that’s your lot… three types. The only types of products that matter in the type of business Andrew Reynolds teaches .

Physical product? Nah… not interested.

Look, the 30 million Andrew Reynolds made in the last twelve years was all from the paper, digital, workshop stuff. Why do you or I need to bother with anything else? Hold stock, extra shipping costs, depreciation, wastage – whatever. Not interested.

Honestly, when it comes to cash on demand, Andrew Reynolds knows what he’s talking about. £30 million says he’s right – and he’s made his fortune with simple easy, high margin, low overhead Cash On demand Products. No. you’d be crazy to change these fundamentals.

At Andrew Reynolds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp events Andrew gives you reprint and duplication rights to a set of Cash On Demand format DVDs that cover various niche markets. The one I attended recently provided products on health, fitness, diet types of topics. It was quality stuff and these were state of the art, brand new products. Andrew had personally commissioned these DVDs and they were hot off the press… like we were the first people to get hold of reprint and duplication rights to sell these products around the world so we had to make sure to get out there and make some money fast


Well Andrew Reynolds teaches you in his Cash On Demand course exactly how to do it.

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