Andrew Reynolds Teaches the Reality of Millionaire Thinking

A successful student of Andrew Reynolds discusses the truth behind millionaire thinking.

The reality of Millionaire thinking is that unless you are a millionaire, you will need to amend your present way of thinking…to basically think like a Millionaire.

Andrew Reynolds teaches from experience, that unless you think like a Millionaire you’ll never become one…period. This is not mumbo jumbo, it’s fact, solid PROVEN fact.

So please don’t dismiss what Andrew Reynolds tells you if you really want to change your life. Because what he teaches you is true.

It is exactly why Andrew Reynolds is a Multi-Millionaire.

Up until he was 40, Andrew had an ordinary life, trapped in a corporate lifestyle. Reynolds was so fed up he basically just decided to become wealthy, when he turned 40. He changed his thoughts entirely. From then Andrew began thinking and behaving like a Millionaire.

From that changed mindset …everything else fell into place.

If I Andrew hadn’t totally re-programmed his thoughts…reprogrammed himself…he would still be working at his old job for a house builder…spending hours stuck in traffic jams…and nothing to look forward to expect a measly pension for his retirement years.

By changing his way of thinking Andrew transformed his life and became a Multi-Millionaire. If you want the lifestyle of perfect freedom to travel where and when you want to…to drive the car you want and live in the house you always dreamed of, you have to change your mode of thinking. You have to upgrade it.

If you want to make your living with a Cash on Demand online business for example where you can spend most of your time sailing around the Caribbean…

You need to raise the level of your expectations. If you don’t do that, how can you expect to get anything more than a mundane lifestyle? Seems simple doesn’t it? And it is…but sadly, most people just don’t do it. If your thoughts are stuck in the groove of where you are now…the 9-5 job and standard home for instance…you will continue to live that life.

However, if you consciously pull your thoughts out of that groove and raise them to think about and expect better things…you will eventually get them.

This is what Andrew Reynolds did. It’s what every millionaire did. It’s what you need to do if you want to become a millionaire.

Look at it this way…the way you think has got you to exactly where you are now. If that’s not where you’d ideally like to be then you have to alter your thoughts…alter what you believe you can do.

There’s an analogy which perfectly demonstrates this point. You may already know this, but if you do, please still read on…

Here it is…

If you were to put fleas in a jar and place a lid on the top they would keep jumping for hours, trying to escape the jar.

The scientists who conducted this study, discovered something absolutely fascinating when they eventually took the lid off the jar.

The fleas didn’t escape from the jar although they continued to jump. Why couldn’t they escape? Because they continued to jump only as high as the limit the lid had allowed them to…even though the lid was no longer there.

They could have escaped the prison of the jar, easily. Fleas can jump 200 times higher than their size.

The only reason they remained trapped was solely because they thought they couldn’t escape…their belief system had been altered. If you like they had conditioned themselves to fail. The fact they were stuck was nothing to do with reality.

I know these were fleas…but it’s EXACTLY the same for us too…

If you don’t believe you can succeed, you won’t. Unless you raise your thoughts out of that pattern you are triggered to fail. Your belief system, thoughts and behaviour patterns are stuck in the failure groove.

I don’t mean to be unkind, you may be successful in some areas, of your life…but unless you are living the life you really truly want…then for you it is a failure. Your first step to freedom, to breaking this pattern is to acknowledge it. By being honest, by accepting responsibility for wherever you are in life, you open up the way for changes.

And when you stop and think about it…isn’t this exciting? It puts you in charge of your life. It means you CAN improve it you DON’T have to accept what you have now for the rest of your life.

You can only climb as high as you are programmed to climb. Andrew Reynolds teaches us to raise our programming by expecting more and that’s what you will get.

Let’s face it, when we start out in life we are free of programming. But then we start to get ‘educated’. We are told what to expect. By the time you leave school, all of your big dreams and aspirations have probably been squashed by well-meaning adults.

The education comes from many sources…from our own negative experiences…from our parents…teachers…from our friends…relatives…colleagues…from the media etc.

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