Andrew Reynolds teaching Cash On Demand students the mindset of a Millionaire

Notes made by a student of Andrew Reynolds during a speech at his Charity event for Cash On Demand marketers.

Many, many people are ‘programmed to fail’. According to the culture of failure many people seem to adhere to, Andrew Reynolds shouldn’t be the successful businessman he is today. You see, Andrew Reynolds comes from a family of failure.

His grandfather and his father, bless them both, were failed businessmen. Working their hearts out their whole lives only to eventually go bust and spend their autumn years in poverty and in need of state support.

At school, failure is engrained into us all. We’re discouraged, even punished if we dare to dream, or question the system. We’re surrounded by fear and failure – economics teachers who couldn’t make a penny other than by teaching economics, law teachers who couldn’t cut it in the legal profession.

Don’t get me wrong. I respect teachers and education immensely. After all, I’m here now teaching you how to make money, but somehow failure and an inhibiting fear of failure seem to surround us everywhere we turn.

But I’m not a failure. Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system has made many of hi students millionaire. And you can use Andrews system too if you dare to reject the toxic nonsense society has tried to fill our heads with.

Yes I know some people query his success. Some people think, ‘Ha, Andrew Reynolds, born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ or ‘Andrew Reynolds, lucky, lucky so and so’. Well no. Like I said Andrew Reynolds was one of those destined to fail, until he saw how the Cash On Demand style of doing business could change his life and he used it to make himself rich.

Its done it for him and he wants it to change your life too. He genuinely wants to help people get rid of the toxic negativity in their heads.

I genuinely think Andrew Reynolds can help you change your life using the Cash On Demand techniques you’ll learn from his course…”

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