Andrew Reynolds technique pulls in £15,000 to £20,000 a month

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand technique generated one of his Cash On Demand students in excess of £100,000 in just six months.

Andrew Reynolds recently showed me a way you can make between £15k to £20K a month from scratch. It’s a simple ‘Cash On Demand’ technique he applied with a student a few years ago.

He prototyped the system first, sort of a dry run. And the first step he covered with his student was that he showed him two things:

A newspaper and a particular web site.

To cut a long story short Andrew Reynolds cross-related information from the two. Ads in the paper and text on the site. Two seemingly insignificant sources of information that applied right can generate significant profits – £20,000 per month.

You set the system up on a Friday and by Monday – if you’ve done your ‘homework’ right – the money will be flowing in

Like I said, Andrews student tested it and in the first week he bagged a grand total of £3276.

Ok – I hear you saying . “£3,276? That’s not much for am man of Andrew Reynolds calibre!”

Now sure, compared to the full cash on demand system that can generate MILLIONS, £3,276 might not be anything to shout about BUT even so. It still adds up to between £150,000 – £1/4 MILLION POUNDS p.a. Not bad in anyone’s book.

What’s more the profits grow!

Week one you’re looking a four times return – say £400 from £100 invested

2 weeks equals ten times – say £1000

Well life’s not totally predictable, and naturally Andrew pointed out to me that results do vary a little. Generally though each week should show good profit.

So anyway Andrew Reynolds student went off and ran the system for himself.

After a few weeks, a few trials and tweaks he got to a test figure return of exactly £7,546 in a month. Not bad – certainly worth pursuing.

Next month he took exactly £4,096. Still okay. Figures vary we know… keep at it.

This time he took £6,180 for the month.

Seeing that things were making decent money Andrew Reynolds student decided to roll it out properly.

In July he made £15,150.71

In August – £20,503.32

In September – £20,920,67

In October – £25,250.93

In November – £17,054.03

December? Well despite holidaying the whole month he still made over £5,600 … and he literally did NOTHING FOR IT!

So what was going on? In Modules 4 and 5 of the Cash On Demand course Andrew Reynolds reveals all – exactly how the system works

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