Andrew Reynolds Techniques for Big Profits from Niche Targeting

Andrew Reynolds has strong views on the importance of reaching targeted customers for your niche product/s or service/s. Get it right and you’ll enjoy a high success rate…with the promise of a high income.

It’s irrelevant which niche you’re in. It doesn’t matter how brilliant your sales material/web site is. It matters not one jot what you’re marketing. Because even when you get all three elements right, UNLESS the RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE are attracted to your site or read your sales copy…you’re wasting time, effort and money.

As Andrew Reynolds explains a key component of your entire Cash on Demand business is powerful headlines. You need all of your sales copy topped by great headlines that grab you immediately! However, unless you get these compelling headlines in front of a targeted audience, they won’t work. You won’t get the sales.

In contrast to this, Andrew Reynolds teaches, once you can build a good sized list of high targeted customers, you have something of great worth…of fantastic value to you.

A good database is the key to making you very easy money for the rest of your life.

Andrew Reynolds teaches that the major need in any successful online business is Traffic. Without traffic to your website you don’t have an online business.

The more people you can attract to visit your website, the more people will become your customers and so the larger your database will be.

As Andrew Reynolds will tell you, it can be tedious in the early days. But, if you stick with it, and concentrate on building a database of customers, you will start to pull in a profit. In fact you will find it hard not to make a profit. Once you have a good database of customers, as long as you’ve employed the Cash on Demand copywriting system, it becomes really easy to make money.

In past modules Andrew Reynolds explains various offline and online methods to build your database. Because it’s so important to your income, here are some new methods Andrew teaches…new but tried and tested…to bring in new customers for your online Cash on Demand business.

The Internet is still growing in popularity and every day more people use the Internet in expanding and diverse ways. Internet shopping is increasing in popularity even for the essentials such as food and clothing. Comparison sites are increasing. They cover a wide range of services from comparing hotel room costs to car insurance.

The Internet is an integral part of most people’s daily life with emails and special sites like FaceBook, the most popular form of communication between friends, families and online pen-pals. Technology advances have been made, which put the office at our beck and call, in a handheld piece of hardware like the BlackBerry and the iPhone. Isn’t that amazing? You can surf the net, send and receive emails while you’re travelling, using a devise so small it fits in your pocket or handbag. You no longer even need a laptop computer.

This is exciting for Cash on Demand marketers. It means you can run your Cash on Demand business from virtually anywhere in the world, on a device so small it fits in the palm of your hand.

And as Andrew Reynolds teaches all of his students of the Cash on Demand business, your income comes directly from the ability to attract new customers to build a database. Then you keep these customers and attract more new customers. All the time building your customer base…your database.

Andrew Reynolds teaches different techniques to do this, but I want to tell you about a new way you can attract new customers…a technique to attract new customers to your online business which is totally FREE.

Before I tell you about Andrew Reynolds free method, it’s worth appreciating how important it is to you. Once you have a strong targeted database, you have a tool for making money for the rest of your life.

As Andrew demonstrates by his own Cash on Demand business you don’t need a very large database to make considerable money. For example, Andrew Reynolds became a millionaire when he got his list of customers, his database to 3,000 people.

Just take a moment to let that sink in. From just 3,000 customers Andrew Reynolds pulled in a profit of over £1million.

Andrew Reynolds explains the reason he achieved this was because those 3,000 individuals were targeted for his specific Cash on Demand niche.

You can basically drive traffic to your website generally by paying for the service, or drive traffic to your sales message for free…which takes longer but is just as effective.

As Andrew Reynolds shows all of his Cash on Demand students you can attract people to your site yourself, which doesn’t cost you except in effort and time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most common method of doing this.

Andrew has already explained in earlier modules, that search engines will rank your website according to how useful and relevant it judges your site to be in relation to specific keywords being searched.

While it sounds great and SEO is free, it is a long term approach. The true results can take up to a year to come through.

Here is an alternative approach that Andrew Reynolds teaches his students. You simply write articles relating to your Cash on Demand niche. For example if your niche is ‘Writers’, you would write articles covering aspects on ‘How to Write’. For instance you could pen an article with information on ‘characterisation’ and another discussing ‘plot’, and maybe another on ‘how to write a winning synopsis’.

Then you get these articles published at article directory sites that have high volumes of traffic. Andrew has already explained this in the course, but in case you need a reminder, just Google, ‘Free Article Submission Sites’ and look for suitable sites.

Andrew Reynolds explains this method, in his course, because it generates traffic within a week. So the results are quick. However, you do need to be aware that the longer your article is on one of these sites the further down the pages it goes. As each new article is posted on the site, it takes first page place.

There is a way to overcome this. Simply publish a new article each week, so once a week, your article takes precedent at the top of the pile. Almost like a weekly newsletter, and it will keep you on the main pages.

This takes time and effort, but if it drives targeted people to your website it does so at no cost to you, except your time and effort. Of course, you do have the option to pay a writer to write the articles for you.

Another method of driving traffic to your website free of charge, also relatively quickly is by Traffic Exchanges. Andrew Reynolds covers this in later modules for you. The only drawback is that the traffic is mainly untargeted.

So that’s some free methods of gaining a database of online customers. There are many paid methods. Worth considering if you want immediate traffic to your website.

One of the easiest ways to attract targeted people to your website is by building links.

It works like this…you agree to place a link from other websites similar to yours in return for placing a link to your website on theirs. This takes visitors from your site to theirs and from their site to yours.

This method comes with a set of beware warnings though…

You can’t stick a load of links on your page and hope you get a flood of new customers. It’s important you link to other niche sites which are high up in the search engine ranks if you can. Check these websites have good content. Their newsletters or articles, whatever it is they have on their website should be quality information. If it isn’t, traffic to that site probably won’t bother to hang around long enough to even notice your link let alone click on it.

As Andrew Reynolds stresses, make certain those links are genuinely related and related strongly to your niche market. Going back to the earlier example, if your niche market was ‘Writers’, you would put links on your website that offer services or product that would be of use to the people in your niche market, for instance, a link to purchase ‘The Writers Handbook.’

If you put links on your website that offer value to anyone who logs onto your web page, you are paving the way to build a targeted database.

As Andrew Reynolds advises…think carefully before you agree to put someone’s link on your site. Check that link truly does serve visitors to your site.

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