Andrew Reynolds – The Secret and Cash on Demand – Part Two

When Andrew Reynolds first set out on the road to a personal fortune – he’s made £50million over the last twelve years – one of the things he did was to write out a list of priorities.

Anyone can do this, and it’s extremely powerful so if you want to achieve greater wealth than you have now, keep reading and you’ll see the benefits of writing a priority list.

Write down six values which you feel are vitally important to your happiness.

Here’s an example list of six values – which may or may not include something you personally highly value:


Number your list of priorities 1 – 6 in the priority of importance. For instance, if you think that Abundance is your top priority make that number 1 on your list.

There’s no right or wrong answers here, this is not a test. The reason for doing this is to get at what you want out of life. This is not about what your family, friends, or society believes you should value in your life. This is about you – your needs, your desires. Nobody else needs to see your list.

What sort of results can you get from listing your values?

Andrew Reynolds created the Cash on Demand system because FREEDOM was high on his list of priorities.

Twelve years ago, Andrew Reynolds was stuck in a job he hated, struggling to pay the mortgage, the credit cards and dealing with divorce. However, he was determined to find a way out. He simply refused to believe that life had to be day in day out drudgery and struggle.

Andrew Reynolds knew there had to be a better way to earn a living.

Because freedom was such a high priority in Andrew’s life, he spent between seven and eight years developing another way of doing business he learned from an American millionaire.

The result was the Cash on Demand system. The Cash on Demand system delivers FREEDOM – for him and for all of his students willing to learn and apply the system. Andrew Reynolds has now set out his system in the Cash on Demand home study course.

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