Andrew Reynolds uses online videos for profit

YouTube…A Global Phenomenon Which Is Just Why Cash on Demand Author and Multi-Millionaire Andrew Reynolds Can’t Get Enough Of It….

The explosion of Internet video viewing especially on YouTube over the last few years has been monumental. Its reach is massive, as is its popularity. Research indicates that in the States the average Internet user watches nearly FOUR hours of Internet video EVERY month.

A combination of many more people now enjoying broadband and fast connections, many web 2.0 sites (primarily YouTube) accepting UGC (User Generated Content – videos you make yourself, in other words) and the costs associated with UGC plummeting over recent years have combined to make video marketing a powerful cash on demand tool.

“That’s all very well,” you may say,” It’s not a problem for Andrew Reynolds to make the most out of new technology, Andrew Reynolds has got a pile of money he can throw at Internet cash on demand marketing.”

Well, what if I told you that when it comes to video marketing a cash-on-demand marketing spend is largely irrelevant? That more often than not Andrew Reynolds uses sites which are FREE??


OK. So what are the implications for your Cash on Demand Marketing?

Well. There are certainly tons of benefits for a clued up Cash On Demand business. You can use YouTube to drive traffic to website, reach your audience with your messages, and market products and services.

And as I said, ALL FOR VIRTUALLY £0!!! FREE! Anyone can add a video to YouTube without paying anything.

Traditionally, paying for bandwidth to run streaming video has been an extremely expensive business. There’s one Andrew Reynolds cash on demand project that costs me over £4000 a month just for data transfer. Yes, it’s a mega project and yes, he needs very high quality video BUT for most Cash On Demand projects you simply DON’T need broadcast quality video delivered.

Use online video sites like Youtube to host your videos FREE for as long as you want. Whether it’s played ONCE OR ONE MILLION TIMES you DON’T get a bill for the bandwidth. Genius! No wonder Andrew Reynolds uses such sites.

Andrew Reynolds sales messages online 24 hours a day seven days a week –free – beautiful!

Be sure to get in on the YouTube act. It’s easy. In fact, getting a TOP 10 RANKED VIDEO in YouTube’s search results is far from impossible, even with LITTLE EFFORT and the cheapest, most unlikely of clips.

Don’t get left behind. Be sure to get on board the online video train. It’s the BIGGEST AND FASTEST GROWING ADVERTISING MEDIA out there, a rich seam for students of Andrew Reynolds to mine.

In fact, it’s a marketing essential.

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