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According to  one of the most important things in moving forward in life is to get yourself a mentor. Andrew Reynolds found his mentor when he received an invitation to fly to the USA and attend a seminar at which one speaker presented a talk on ‘how to make $30,000 a month working from home. “that was it for me” said Andrew Reynolds “I knew absolutely that this particular guy was a person that I needed to be my mentor.  When I left school I went to the local technical college to learn about business and was taught by people who had not succeeded in business themselves. It was a complete waste of two years. My light bulb moment came when I sat in that seminar 15 years ago and listened to a guy who had succeeded at what I wanted to do”


Having found his coach and mentor Andrew Reynolds flew back to the UK and decided to start his own business. His new mentor kept in touch via a monthly coaching newsletter which Andrew Reynolds says “gave me a kick up the backside and kept me on track.”


Andrew Reynolds learnt from his mentor, by following in his footsteps, duplicating each part of a successful business model. Andrew Reynolds business which he started on a shoestring in his spare room at home very quickly took off and went onto pull in over £50 million.


“I see so many people struggling with their first business because they listen to the wrong people.”  At a recent presentation given at the 02 arena Andrew Reynolds talked about surrounding yourself with the right people and gave warnings about listening to accountants and bankers. Andrew Reynolds said “ bluntly if you want to start and build a successful home based business you need to find someone who has done it already and do everything you can to learn directly from them. Unless someone has got that experience don’t listen to them. The internet is full of self appointed gurus who have never made the grade themselves but are hoping to earn money from you”. Although not taking on one-to-one clients Andrew Reynolds occasionally provides one day intensive training courses followed by monthly ongoing coaching and mentoring.


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