Cash On Demand scam fake copies pulled from auction site

Cash on Demand Scam on Ebay


Scammers have been caught running a Cash On Demand scam on auction site eBay. Imitating the best selling home business course, the pirates have been offering for sale pdf copies of old out of date Modules from the course, from as far back as 2004. In the Cash On Demand scam they offered to sell you a shoddy scanned copy of old and out of date material, suggesting that it was up to date.

But as we (and the Cash On Demand scam operators)know- since 2004 a lot has changed online and of course, this has been reflected in the complete re-write of the original course many times since 2004. The scanned copies offered as part of the Cash On Demand scam are simply out of date. The latest version of the course is available at where you can grab a free trial package including 3 DVDs, a CD, written material and also a free one hour consultation with the creator of the course.

Fake Cash on Demand Scam Copies Found on Ebay Auction

The Cash On Demand scam was recently found on the site and within hours had been taken down by eBay. The course publishers said “This Cash On Demand scam was spotted on the site offering fake copies of our old product. eBay have been fantastic. We reported the Cash On Demand scam listing to them and within about an hour the listing had been removed for good. We take this type of Cash On Demand scam very seriously indeed as old material from as far back as 2004 damages our students who will be learning from out of date material and being shown old out of date website addresses. “

If you have been taken in by a Cash On Demand scam and have bought pdf CDs online of the course – please leave a comment below. For an up to the minute version of the completely revised course – go to where you’ll be able to get a free 30 day trial copy of the latest version 2.0 of the course.

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